How can you make the world a better place in 2016? Dr Tara Wyne, a Clinical Director and Psychologist at Lighthouse Arabia, Dubai, gives practical examples on how to include the art of giving in your life.


It’s a virtue that bonds one human being to another. Without compassion, the world would be a cold, indifferent place.

How can you increase compassion in your self?

Think of a time you were in distress and were supported by somebody and recall how you were comforted by them. And now imagine if that person had not been by your side. How would you have felt?

Knowing the difference between the two states of mind will help you realise the importance of being compassionate.

Pay It Forward

This action is at the heart of all that is good and kind in the world. When you pay it forward, you are nourishing kindness to keep thriving and flourishing.

Thank others, give things, give positive thoughts, or give love. It’s like an endless waterfall of giving and receiving. You don’t just give in return for something, you give anyone who crosses your path and it could be as simple as passing on a gift.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

RAK is the stuff of human goodness. Do good for the sake of good. Let kindess be spontaneous.

Practice five random acts of kindness a day, then write about them during your day. These could be giving up your seat on the bus or metro, buying someone a coffee, bringing a meal to a sick friend or buying your colleague a simple, sweet gift. These acts lift our spirits and alter how we see and what we feel about ourselves and in return raise our self esteem.


Gratitude is the glue that holds humankind together: Count your blessings at the end of the day and write down three things that went well and why you think they happened to you. Completing this exercise for just one week can increase your happiness for six months.

Mental subtraction: Consider for a moment what you like most about your job or think of someone you love. Then, imagine these good things were no longer in your life. You will immediately feel more connected and grateful for the people in your life and the gifts and opportunities you have.

Focus more on the good things you have, we all have sources of pleasure in our life that we ignore and overlook, if you engage your senses and focus, anything such as eating your breakfast or walking to your car will remind you about being grateful.

Say thanks - we often don’t say thank you adequately for the good we receive, or take the time to appreciate how others helped us or were kind to us.


Increase selflessness through random acts of kindness, feeling connected, writing or doing empathy exercises.

Reading the news and hearing people’s stories can help to increase selflessness. Imagine you were in their shoes, create reminders in your life to connect, look at people and smile, say hello.