Judge Abdullah Ahmad Ali Al Kaitoob

Dubai: Dubai Courts has announced the establishment of an independent Execution Court to improve the efficiency of the judicial system, it was announced on Tuesday.

The establishment comes under Resolution No (8) of 2016 issued by Shaikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Judicial Council.

Under the resolution, Judge Abdullah Ahmad Ali Al Kaitoob is appointed head of the new Execution Court which serves as a significant addition to existing specialised courts which include the Civil, Labour, Real Estate, Commercial, Criminal and Personal Status courts.

The move comes in response to the growing need for an independent court to address the increasing number of execution cases.

Tarish Eid Al Mansouri, director-general of Dubai Courts, explained that the introduction of the Execution Court is significant for the development of the judicial industry as it serves as a cornerstone for enhancing the UAE’s position in the World Bank’s annual Global Competitiveness Report by expediting verdicts on execution cases.

He said that this move lays a solid foundation for improving execution durations which is one of the main challenges in contract execution and an issue that made Dubai Courts rank 144th in the 2015 Report.

He emphasised that a specialised court for executions will play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious vision of creating “pioneering and internationally distinguished courts” capable of completing cases swiftly. He added that the move will positively impact local and global confidence in the legal and judicial system.

“We seek to activate the institutional role of the Execution Court through the development of an independent strategic plan that is closely linked to the goals of the Strategic Document 2016-2019 which ensures that justice is served accurately and swiftly, providing easy access to judicial services and upholding the values of justice, independence, transparency and innovation,” he said.

“We welcome the establishment of the Execution Court which will help measure the strategic performance indicators of execution cases included in the Strategic Document 2016-2019 accurately and efficiently. It will help us sustain our success in strengthening the judicial system based on the pillars of neutrality, impartiality, transparency, justice and equality to consolidate the global leadership of Dubai.”

The establishment of the Execution Court paves the way for the development of an independent strategy for execution cases, similar to other specialised courts of first instance, that preserves the influential role of managing execution cases in a manner that embodies Dubai Courts’ goal of effectively dispensing justice. The new court will adhere to a comprehensive operational plan that includes various quality initiatives and programmes for improving the implementation of provisions.