Tanvi Shah Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai; Grammy-award winning Indian singer Tanvi Shah will lend her voice for a song that will highlight the global issues of human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting.

Singer of the hit track ‘Jai Ho’ from the Oscar-winning movie ‘Slumdog Milionaire,’ Shah on Monday joined hands with a Dubai-based firm, StratGurus, to launch a global campaign against illegal organ trade that rakes in annual profits of $150.2 billion (Dh551.23 billion).

The campaign will see Shah being part of a song to be built on the theme of ‘Humans are not for sale.’ The song, which is in pre-production stage now, is set to be out before Christmas.

Shah and StrartGurus are also working on a movie together to highlight the alarming reach of this nefarious industry. The movies is also currently in pre-production stage.

“This is a horrific issue and affects millions of people globally and we all need to work towards stopping it. Our idea is to reach out to people through music as everybody understands the language of music. Hopefully, we will be able to reach out to a lot of people and educate them about the dangers,” said Shah, speaking to media in Dubai as she launched the campaign.

Human trafficking is most rampant in the Asia Pacific region, with an estimated 11.7 million victims, bringing in annual profits of $51.8 billion (Dh190 billion) to illegal organ traders.

“Illegal organ trade and human trafficking is rampant globally, particularly in Asia Pacific. We want to highlight this issue and educate people against falling for this trap. Human body is not a commodity. You cannot butcher one person to make another person live. We thought there is no better way to highlight this issue than through music,” said Dr Tabassum Khan, a physician and chairman of Stratsguru group of companies.

Dr Khan said that the campaign is being launched from Dubai, because the city attracts people from all over the globe.

StratsGuru is a Dubai-based firm specialising in business strategy for diverse industries, which is collaborating with Tanvi Shah on the campaign.

The collaboration will see the production of a music video which will be used as the opening track for a commercial film themed around incidents of human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting.

Jointly penned by Dr Khan and Shah, the track will be followed by a film titled ‘24 Hours,’ which will begin production in 2019. The film will be shot in Dubai, Pakistan and London.