Image Credit: Trollstation

Drinking in public is illegal in UAE, but this doesn’t stop this UK prankster from showing up “drunk” in a mall and other public places, and waving bottles at strangers.

The latest social experiment video to make rounds on the internet is of a Dubai “tourist” pretending to be intoxicated and inviting passersby to have a drink.

The film was shot in Dubai by hidden camera prank series “Trollstation”.

“Do you want [some]? No? It’s free, man,” he told some strangers he met on the street. The actor explained earlier in the video that the liquid in the bottle is just a beverage.

While out on the street, one guy who politely declined his offer gave him a piece of advice: “It’s against the law. You can get thrown in prison right away, by the way.”

He continued his “binge drinking” spree inside Dubai Mall, near the aquarium which is frequented by tourists.

While pretending to speak to someone on the phone, he said “I’m in Dubai Mall having a [drink]... What do you mean you’re not allowed to drink here?”

He later sat on the floor, acting like he was having a hangover, and was approached by one shopper.

He also went to a crowded area in Satwa where he’s seen raising a freshly opened can of beverage. While taking sips and waving his hand at strangers, he proclaimed, “Hello, hello everyone. I just got to Dubai.”

The last scene shows the actor approaching two security personnel at a Metro station, supposedly to ask for directions. One of the security staff noticed the bottle he was holding and said, “It’s not allowed here”.

The video did not show what happened next, but some viewers claimed it was disrespectful.

“You make my country look as it’s a bad place. Please have some respect to my country,” one guy commented.

As of press time, the video had more than 46,000 views on Youtube. Trollstation is a British filmmaker who also shot the “lost wallet” video in Dubai which has so far logged more than 500,000 views on Youtube.

In the earlier video, an actor pretended to accidentally drop his wallet in public places. Over 45 different takes were filmed in various locations and every time the wallet was returned.