Shaikh Nahyan with Pinarayi Vijayan and M.A. Yousuf Ali during a function at the Indian Social and Cultural Centre (ISC) in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Dubai: Donations from the UAE to fund projects to rebuild flood-ravaged Indian state of Kerala can be electronically tracked, visiting chief minister of the state said on Friday.

Speaking at a seminar on rebuilding Kerala organised by the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) Dubai, Vijayan promised a transparent crowd funding system with an online tracking mechanism for projects to rebuild the state.

He said donors will be given the flexibility to choose projects that they wish to support through the recently launched crowd funding portal www.rebuild.kerala.gov.in.

“If you plan to help build a house, you can decide the village in which it has to be located. Same goes for a hospital, a health centre, a government office, a nursery or a school.

“If someone wishes to sponsor a cow, there will be information related to the loss of livestock in different villages and you can pay for the donation of the cow in a specific place.”

The portal also offers a mechanism to track the utilisation of the funds received, he said.

Dr. K. Elangovan, principal secretary, Industries and NORKA, said crowd sourcing will tap even small amounts from individuals.

“If you sponsor a project you can track it down sitting in your drawing room.”

Vijayan, said the mission of building a new Kerala can be achieved through such partnerships.

“Along with this, we can accept the help from foundations and charities from outside India. There is no legal hurdle in accepting their support.”

He also called on the Indian entrepreneurs and business heads to invest in various projects in Kerala and urge their employees to be part of the crowd funding project.

Dr. Azad Moopen, a member of the governance board of the IBPC told Gulf News the council has committed to support the state through the UAE Red Crescent.

“I have also proposed to the chief minister to add a provision for projects like 1,000 homes from Dubai so that people from here can directly contribute specifically for such projects.”

Dr Elangovan said more than 5.4 million people, constituting one-sixth of the population, was affected in the flash floods in mid-August.

According to Vijayan, the total damages will be much more than the current estimates of about Rs270 billion (Dh13.5 billion) assessed with the help of experts from the World Bank and the United Nations Organisation.