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Grade 10, Our Own English High School, boy’s branch, Sharjah

Sports takes up one of the top spots in many people’s favourite activities in their pursuit of physical fitness. However, apart from having an appetite for it, does playing sport also require a variety of equipment?

Many people say they prefer not to take up a sporting activity simply because they do not have the equipemnt or the facilities. This reasoning is wrong and is an excuse to stay away from fitness activities. People wrongly believe that fitness cannot be achieved if there is no proper equipment.

Take the example the most popular sport in the UAE, football. It is a game enjoyed by many.

Do you really need equipment to enjoy a good game of ball?

All one requires a football, a place to play and the will to expend a considerable amount of energy. It doesn’t, however, require a full scale pitch and all the other stuff.

However, if going the extra mile in terms of sport equipment is your choice, the UAE does not disappoint. There are a variety of sports-related equipment and facilities available for residents.

There are large sports clubs and associations, many stadia and training centers for almost every sport. Schools in the UAE also provide various sports facilities and training.

So what prevents us from staying fit? Is it the lack of facilities?

Lack of equipment? The answer is no.

Nothing stands in an individual’s way of achieving physical fitness but themselves. We are the only equipment we need [to attain physical fitness] .


My 3 favourite places in Sharjah:

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Wasit Wetlands: The exotic collection of birds makes it truly entertaining

Sharjah Archaeological Museum: This is one of the best museums in Sharjah.