The customised ambulance for people of determination is equipped with vital medication needed for critical cases and aid devices for patients with various disabilities. Image Credit: Courtesy: DCAS

Dubai: An upgraded version of a customised ambulance vehicle for people of determination has been rolled out by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS).

The ambulance car, dedicated to treat and transport patients with special needs, was unveiled on by officials who said the new vehicle includes “more modern specifications” to efficiently and swiftly respond to various cases and disabilities.

Khalifa Bin Darrai, executive director of DCAS, said the upgrade to the ambulance car includes a fitted slope to load patients on a wheelchair safely into the ambulance and offload them when arriving to the hospital. The vehicle has also been equipped with calming lights to ensure the patient is kept calm and relaxed.

A total of 747 cases involving people of determination were handled by DCAS until August 2018, according to Dubai Ambulance.

“At DCAS, we have dedicated a special cadre of 23 paramedics, who have passed training in psychotherapy and sign language, to deal and treat various cases we receive,” he said.

Speaking about the ambulance vehicle, Bin Darrai said that the car includes all the tools and instruments to measure the vital signs of the patient and can produce a report on the condition of each specific case, including the patient’s personal data and health status. The device then sends the report to the hospital before the patient reaches in order to prepare the medical staff to receive the patient.

The vehicle is also equipped with vital medication needed for critical cases and also special aid devices for patients with different disabilities, he said.

“DCAS will spare no effort to serve people of determination and provide everything that would achieve happiness and satisfaction for them and their families.”

He noted that the foundation has organised many exhibitions at its headquarters to showcase their products and improve them in order to serve the concerned segment.

Bin Darrai added that the foundation’s headquarters has been made disability friendly and includes a ramp to ease wheelchair accessibility, private restrooms, and signs in specific colours on the floor to guide people of determination.

DCAS issued the first aid book in Braille two years ago to make it easier for blind people to learn about the methods aid. The foundation also organised training courses for them to teach first aid methods in sign language.