Image Credit: Tracy Brand/Gulf News

Dubai: Butchers in Dubai’s cattle market and other meat shops will face a Dh2,000 fine if they indulge in illegal slaughtering of animals for Eid Al Adha, Dubai Municipality has warned.

The civic body has urged residents not to seek the service of street butchers to sacrifice animals at houses and open spaces as that can pose health and environmental risks. The municipality is also running a social media campaign to spread awareness about the dangers of street slaughtering.

A joint team of the municipality’s Asset Management Department and Dubai Police will be on the watch out for people offering unauthorised slaughtering services from Thursday morning till Monday evening, a senior official told Gulf News.

“Our team will work in two shifts,” said Faisal Al Badaiwi, head of Market Management Section at the Department.

He said the team will keep a watch on the cattle market and premises of the abattoirs where illegal street butchering services are likely to be offered to worshippers.

“If they [butchers] are working in the cattle market, we will issue a fine of Dh2,000. If they repeat the offence, we will cancel the licence of their shop,” he said.

If people without residency visa are found doing illegal slaughtering, they will be handed over to labour and immigration departments.

“We have an agreement with Dubai Police that we can send anybody caught violating this rule to the police,” said Al Badaiwi.

He said notices warning butchers and residents against illegal slaughtering are placed in the cattle market and abattoirs.

As per the new rules, he said, Australian sheep should only be slaughtered at the Al Qusais abattoir. Conditions for transporting these sheep are also displayed in notice boards.

The municipality is also offering sacrificing service of Australian lamb through the Al Mawashi mobile application of Dubai Abattoir, which was launched last year.

Al Badaiwi said all preparations have been completed at the cattle market to receive the public who will buy different kinds of sacrificial animals during the Eid Al Adha.

In the interest of public health and safety for all, he said, an integrated plan has been prepared to prevent illegal butchers and to streamline traffic to the cattle market and abattoirs during Eid days.

“More pathways and barricades have been arranged. Stickers will be placed on vehicles that transport cattle and their parking lots are also fixed. The stickers will have all details of the vehicle so that there is no case of manipulation by the drivers or others.”

Less rush expected

Ali Al Taher Al Hammadi, the head of the Abattoirs Section said the rush for sacrificing animals in Dubai abattoirs is expected to come down this Eid with the opening of the new permanent abattoir in Al Quoz.

“This is the first Eid after the new abattoir opened some months ago. We expect it to help reduce the waiting time for customers,” he told Gulf News.

Temporary abattoirs have been set up in Al Qusais and Al Khawaneej to manage the rush for sacrificing animals. “The temporary one in Al Qusais offers a fast track service. We are not charging extra for the service,” said Dr Zohal Ahmad, veterinary health inspection officer.

To manage the rush, sacrificial animals’ meat will not be cut into small pieces during the Eid days, she added.

Officials said the Smart Abattoir service through the mobile application Al Mawashi, which was launched last year, is also helping people to avoid the long queues.

Though customers get home delivery of meat ordered through the app during regular days, Al Hammadi said the delivery service will be through 10 designated places during Eid days, the details of which can be seen on the app. “Customers can opt to pick up the meat from the nearest location.”

A team of 300 butchers, assistants and 40 vet doctors are working in two shifts to meet the rush of animal sacrifice. Every animal slaughtered at the municipality’s abattoirs go through a medical examination and tests by veterinarians to ensure safety of the customers. Around 29,000 animals were sacrificed at Dubai abattoirs during the last Eid Al Adha, officials said.

Abattoir services in Dubai for Eid Al Adha

Main abattoir in Al Qusais

Temporary fast-track abattoir in Al Qusais

New abattoir in Al Quoz behind Al Wahda Centre

Temporary abattoir in Al Khawaneej

Abattoir in Al Lusaily

Abattoir in Hatta

Smart abattoir through Al Mawashi mobile application

Timings of animal sacrifice at Dubai abattoirs

Three days of Eid: from 7.30 am till 4pm for the public and after 4pm for charity organisations

Dubai Abattoirs

Goat/Sheep: Dh15

Cow: from Dh45-55 (depending on size)

Camel: from Dh60 to 65 (depending on size)

Sharjah abattoirs

Goat/sheep: Dh15 per animal (cut into 4 pieces)

Cow: Dh70 (Dh50 extra charge if customer wants small pieces)

Abu Dhabi abattoirs

Goat/Sheep: Dh15

Cow: Dh40-Dh60 (for calf and older cow)

Camel: Dh40-Dh60 (for small camel and older camel)