Dr Martin Kramar Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A victim of bullying might try to put up a brave face, but the impact it has on him or her can be deep and long-lasting. According to Dubai-based counselling psychologist, Martin Kramar, bullying can hamper a child’s mental and psychological development.

“It has a really bad impact on their self-confidence and self-esteem. I have dealt with many cases involving young clients or older ones who were bullied when they were young. In therapy, we need to go back to the situation and somehow make peace with the images that are left in one’s mind after bullying,” he said.

He said that parents need to be sensitive to any changes they might see in in a child’s behaviour or attitude.

“Unfortunately someone who is bullied at a younger age doesn’t tell his or her parents; and that is the worst. They could suffer from psychosomatic illnesses like depression, stress or developing asthma,” he said.

The moment parent’s discover that their child has been a victim of bullying, they should seek professional help.