Sharjah: Visitors to Al Nahda Park are now required to present a municipal card as applied to most neighbourhood parks in the emirate.

The concept of a municipality card was initially introduced in April 2006 and applied to most neighbourhood parks in order to have an entry fee.

“The introduction of park identification cards was implemented two weeks ago, and visitors only have to pay Dh15 for the card that will be valid for one year. But if they want to have access to the park for less than one month, they can get the card for free,” said Hanan Jassim, an official from the Parks Section at Sharjah Municipality.

To apply for the free subscription cards, residents will have to provide the municipality with the tenancy contract or a copy of their location map to prove that they are residents. Members who misuse the subscription card will be faced a fine of Dh500.

Residents embraced the new rules, as it provides visitors greater safety against teenage vandals and bachelors who tend to sleep at the park.

However, some residents refuted the extra charges and claimed that the extra charges were not justifiable.

“The government should waive the fees to the park. It is the responsibility of any government to provide facilities like small parks for relaxation at free of cost. People already pay municipality charges along with electricity bill,” said Tariq Jaffar.