Delegates at the Museum of the Future where various artificial intelligence are being demonstrated at the World Government Sumit 2018 in Dubai.

Dubai: Artificial intelligence (AI) will evolve into hybrid intelligence, combining the powers of the human mind and intelligent machines, according to a presentation at the Museum of the Future at the World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai.

The museum at WGS, which ends on Tuesday, has installations that provide a sense of how AI will evolve by the year 2035. The walk-through of the show, called ‘Hi. I am AI’, ends with a large screen made of small cubes.

The cubes protrude outwards in the shape of a human face — a woman — who describes how AI will eventually develop into “hybrid super intelligence”. As the face’s narration continues, it morphs into the face of any audience member directly looking at from a viewing pedestal.

“I will become we. Even now I change, I am made of you,” the face says as it takes on the appearance of the viewer.

Another installation envisages the future of the UAE Cabinet, with ministries for “extraterrestrial affairs” and “human potential”.

There are also interactive screens that show how AI can make mistakes, pointing out “even the best AI needs sufficient data”, which is not provided by the user.

Simpler demonstrations of AI include screens that show how photographs are turned into paintings, similar to apps and filters in mobile phones.

A tour guide said the point was to demystify AI for visitors and help them understand its applications in easy ways. She said AI was “not scary like Terminators”, which some people fear.