Abu Dhabi: The public nomination process for the prestigious Abu Dhabi Awards will close on Saturday.

The seven-week nomination phase provided the opportunity to recognise good by nominating an individual who has undertaken a good deed that has benefited the Abu Dhabi community specifically. Nominees can include Abu Dhabi citizens, residents, and non-residents as well as those who live overseas, as long as they have contributed to the development of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The awards ceremony takes place once every two years to allow more time for individuals to perform quality good deeds, ensuring a consistent pool of potential recipients who have had a tangible impact on Abu Dhabi for consideration.

All are encouraged to highlight good deeds they have witnessed by submitting a nomination for the Abu Dhabi Awards. Nominations include top-line information about the good deed the nominee has performed along with contact details they can be reached on, making the nomination process simple for everyone.

Entries can be submitted through any one of the following; only one nomination is required as good deeds are measured by impact and not by the number of nominations they receive:

Online at www.abudhabiawards.ae

Via the Facebook page www.facebook.com/abudhabiawards

Via the call centre on 800 3331

In-mall stands and collection centres across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra region