Dubai Duty Free officials pick the latest winner of $1 million. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Sometimes, games of chance are best played with other people rather than by yourself.

Ten workers in Dubai received the biggest surprise on Tuesday when their raffle ticket scored them a Dh3.6 million cash prize.

Indian expatriate Gurmeet Singh, 38, recently purchased a ticket for the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw.

He and nine of his Indian, Bangladeshi and Filipino colleagues had pooled together some funds to buy the coupon.

At the grand draw on Tuesday, Singh’s ticket number 1197 was picked as the winner. Singh has been a buyer of raffle tickets for years now, but it was only during the last purchase that he decided to share the cost with his friends.

Singh has been a resident of Dubai for 16 years now. He works as a showroom manager for a car dealer.

“I always believe that promotions like this does work. Dubai Duty Free is indeed full of surprises,” he said.