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When Papa John’s first made the promise of better ingredients, some shrugged it off as one more marketing gimmick. However, the fact is that the claim is indisputably based on finely-honed logistics and attention to detail. This means, for the first part, a commitment to offering the freshest possible products. Take Papa John’s signature sauce served with every pizza, made from vine-ripened tomatoes that are harvested and canned in less than six hours average.

With no artificial colours or flavours in the pizzas and no fillers in the meats, the Papa John’s pizza is as honest and authentic as they come.

Papa John's pizza Dubai UAE

In an October 2019 interview, Papa John’s CEO, Rob Lynch, said, “Our company doesn’t believe that all pizzas are created equal. We believe that there is a customer out there who values higher-quality ingredients. We invest a lot into the ingredients that go into our pizza.”

Famously, the brand’s slogan is ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.’ The concept is simple - to use better quality ingredients than its direct rivals at a competitive price point.

Papa John's pizza Dubai peppers and tomatoes

The chain evolved from selling just pizzas to offering salads, pasta dishes and starters such as signature dish and crowd favourite, Chicken Wings, and other popular items like Chicken strips and Pepperoni rolls.

Yet, despite Papa John’s range of choice, pizza remains the core of its business model, embodying the company’s commitment to offering superior ingredients - the subject of its slogan.

The company is also adamant that its original dough should never be frozen but always fresh and a simple combination of just six ingredients.

The policy of offering superior ingredients to its rivals also applies to Papa John’s vegetable toppings, with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and tomatoes freshly sliced in-store.

Papa John's pizza Dubai 3 cheese topping

The company says that its pizzas are also made with high quality, authentic mozzarella and that the olives it buys are largely from Herrera, Andalusia – a region famous for the fruit. Its pepperoncini are grown and sourced regionally to ensure they’re fresh.

The first Papa John’s opened in 1984, selling pizzas from a tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The pies were popular, and the following year Papa John’s opened its first shop. The pizzas were served with specifically designed dipping sauces and the business began to grow exponentially.

By 1993, the company had been taken public and Papa John’s had expanded to 500 stores. Now, the business has more than 5,000 outlets, spanning 48 countries, including here in the UAE, where there are 24 outlets in Dubai alone, and 46 across the emirates, and more in the pipeline. It is now one of the most successful pizza companies in the world.

While a commitment to sourcing quality ingredients may not be the sole reason for the Papa John’s remarkable growth and global success, it is clear that it plays a significant role in the brand’s identity and appeal.

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