Thushani’s restaurant Discovery Gardens Dubai
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Thushani’s Restaurant and Cafe - Discovery Gardens, Dubai, shares insights into their philosophy and the steps they’re taking to protect customers during Covid-19.

Why is serving your customers authentic, home cooked-style and affordable food important to your restaurant?

We take an innate interest in serving our customers’ personal needs. We strive to keep our quality to the highest food standards and we work hard to maintain and preserve the authenticity of our Sri Lankan heritage dishes so that our customers’ can reminiscence as if it is just like being at home.

As we cater to a multicultural society, we bear it in mind to extend variety in our offerings as well as to be competitive with our pricing. Our motto is to offer the experience of taking our customers through a thorough culinary journey of Sri Lanka.

What are your restaurant’s signature dishes?

Our signature dishes are lamprais, nasi goreng, rice and curry wrapped in banana leaf, hot butter cuttlefish, crab curry, ambulthiyal, Sri Lankan green herbal salads, fresh herbal porridge and wattalapan to name a few.

What steps have you taken to protect your customers as much as possible during Covid-19?

For dine-in, we maintain a safe distance, use disposable cutlery, have sanitiser on every table and our staff have to as a mandate change their gloves once they have served a customer. Our staff are well protected so that they can extend this safety to our customers by complying with all precautions and rules such as wearing masks and gloves at all times in the restaurant. Temperature monitoring is done as a mandate too. Our tables are sanitised regularly and we comply with the Dubai Municipality health and safety regulations. All of our delivery boys follow the same precautions and we have been carrying out contactless deliveries since the lockdown phase.

Recently two of our staff were infected with Covid and we immediately got PCR tests done for all staff and made necessary arrangements for them to be quarantined and we took a management decision to close the restaurant. We employed a professional company to sanitise the outlet and took all of the necessary precautions as we had a moral obligation to safeguard our valuable customers and staff.

After our staff tested negative, and we got them back to a safe zone, we reopened our doors to the public and were ready to serve our anxious customers who had been waiting patiently with good wishes for our reopening. The support was overwhelming.

Do you have any special promotions or offers that are popular with your customers?

Our most popular promotions are the crab fiesta and hoppers nights that we run monthly and we also do kothu nights and combo theme weeks. We recommend you follow our social pages where we are very active and post all of our latest offers and promotions.

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