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You know how it goes - you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeling a bit hungry and get bombarded by advertising promising the best, the healthiest, the tastiest meals… and your stomach rumbles.

The problem is, what you’re being fed online could be as dubious as what you’re being fed offline – which is frustrating if you’re trying to make better meal choices.

That’s where the much-loved Nando’s flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken restaurant chain is pulling away from the rest. The brand’s flavourful, perfectly prepared give-it-to-me-now chicken burgers with its transparent messaging are winning on the restaurant battlefield.

Not a sum of all chicken parts

Nando’s guarantees a 100 per cent chicken fillet and not a sum of all chicken parts like some patty burgers in town. Unlike outlets that use soya, potato, phosphate additives or other ingredients they are vague about, Nando’s doesn’t add any nasties. Translation - its Chicken burgers are exactly what they claim to be – 100 per cent chicken.

Chicken breast is a great source of lean protein – that’s protein without a lot of accompanying fat. Chicken breasts also contain no carbs and have an estimated glycaemic load of zero.

Add fresh ingredients, PERi-PERi flavour and a Portuguese roll to this 100 per cent chicken fillet and you get why so many people love and trust Nando’s burgers so much – and rave about it to anyone in their orbit!

Cheese Carnival Burger is here to fire things up

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Now the same trusted 100 per cent chicken fillet burger comes with an all-new flavour combo, the spectacular Cheese Carnival Burger!

Two slices of cheese and a decadent cheese sauce for company. Yum.

But as always, the magic with the Cheese Carnival Burger lies with the legendary PERi-PERi sauce. Used to marinate the chicken for 24 hours and baste it to perfection while cooking, it originates from a traditional African recipe made from spices, lemons, onion, garlic, and the special ingredient – African bird’s eye chilli. Spicy and so, so addictive.

Add the cheese in the new combo and you’ve got a taste sensation.

Chicken devotees, you know what to do...

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