Malayalam film Varnayathil Aashanka (Confusion in the Description) directed by Siddharth Bharathan is unlike anything that you would expect from a heist thriller.

This social satire is based on a screenplay written by Thrissur Gopalji (noted playwright making his film debut) and is a clear winner. With its wonderful storytelling, natural performances and hilarious situations, Varnayathil Aashanka is a film to watch with the family. As the curtains fall, there is a socially relevant message slipped in gently.

Four men desperately in need of money decide to rob a jewellery store.

Prateesh, (Shine Tom Chacko) has pledged his girlfriend’s golden chain for money and he needs to retrieve it before her father learns the truth about the chain. She is persistently calling him over the phone and even threatens to hang herself unless he returns her chain.

Gilbert (Manikandan Achari) is a petty thief who’s riding a motorbike that belonged to a priest. Outsmarting Gilbert is Shiva, (Kunchako Boban) another rowdy from the neighbourhood whose claim to fame is a robbery of Rs500,000. Shiva gives Gilbert the slip and drives off with the bike.

Wilson (Chemban Vinod Jose) is the common friend who brings everyone under his roof for a round of drinks.

A chain of events is set into motion after Prateesh, encouraged by Shivan, kicks a poster of a local party chief and breaks the flag pole outside their office. What follows is two opposing political parties getting embroiled in a fight, resulting in the death of a party worker. And, the government declares a hartal.

While the town of Thrissur is in deep slumber, the four friends break into a jewellery store. Everything seems to go as planned until a passerby, Dayanandan, in a drunken state walks by and parks himself right outside the store. Dayanandan (Suraj Venjaramoodu), is a former bar server and also in need of money, having lost a good amount that morning. Before he realises it, Dayanandan gets drawn into the scene of the crime.

What follows will keep viewers laughing. Unpredictable, there is a surprise at every nook the narrative touches.

Suraj Venjaramoodu, riding on the wave of success of Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, once again demonstrates the fantastic performer that he is, but gets lost among stereotypical comic characters. His Dayanandan is a simple man who taps on his shrewdness at the right moment.

Kunchako Boban fans will be delighted with his makeover as Shivan. Attired in floral shirts and lungi tied well above the knees, now and then spitting out paan, Chakochan (as he is fondly known) completely shatters the earlier images that we associated him with. He looks every inch the rugged and uncouth Sivan.

Lending ample support are actors Manikandan, Tom Shine Chako and Chemban Vinod Jose. After an impressive performance in Kamboji, Rachna Narayanakutty plays a completely different role here. As Keerthana, Dayanandan’s wife, she is the sole breadwinner. A nagging shrew, Keerthana wishes her husband would contribute to the family instead of doing nothing.

Although it takes a while to get to the heart of the story, the waiting is compensated with a hilarious second half. The scenes inside the jewellery store are a hoot. And, if Dayananandan believed that he had struck a bargain, watch out for Shivan having the last laugh.


Varnayathil Aashanka is now showing in the UAE.