They are like chalk and cheese.

He is an uncouth and wealthy business tycoon. She is a pretty and sophisticated home-based entrepreneur. He is a widower and often embarrasses his little son, Adi (Master Sanoop) with his urge to flex muscles at the slightest pretext and start a quarrel. She is a single parent with a little girl, Shivani (Baby Anikha) and prefers to keep to herself.

Meet Bhaskar (Mammootty) and Hima (Nayanthara), the protagonists of Bhaskar The Rascal.

So how did their paths cross?

Adi and Shivani are classmates and good friends. Shivani is in awe of Bhaskar’s rough behaviour and yearns for his paternal love.

Now you know where the story is heading right?

Shivani pitches an idea to Adi: A match between their parents. From then on, it’s about the children making plans to make their parents meet. Directed by Siddique, this is a formula film with a predictable plot and nothing new to offer.

But before Bhaskar wins Hima’s heart, there is suspense and a revelation of Hima’s past life. Bhaskar The Rascal turns into Bhaskar the Saviour as far as her life is concerned.

What keeps the story going is the performance of the two child actors, Master Sanoop and Baby Anikha. They are not just lovable but show great potential. Mammootty fans will love this Bhaskar, with his crudeness and all. Nayanthara is back in a Malayalam film after some time. She carries her look elegantly, and it’s a change to see her in a mother’s role after the many Tamil films where she has played a glam doll in short skirts and fluttering eye-lashes. Here she makes an effort to emote.

Bhaskar The Rascal is a light-hearted entertainer and nothing more.