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Film: Bheeshma (Single for ever)

Cast: Nithin, Rashmika Mandanna, Anant Nag, Vennala Kishore, Sampath Raj.

Direction: Venu Kudumula; Music: Mahati Swara Bhaskar.

Rating: 3.5

Looks like the Telugu film industry has exhausted all themes and found organic farming as a means to reap instant success.

We’ve seen that in Maheshbabu’s ‘Maharshi’ where he plays the role of a successful NRI who returns home to take on the corporate world and help the farmers against all odds.

Here, too, Bheeshma (Nithin), a college dropout who revels in creating incoherent memes, enters the field quite unexpectedly, a job which he happily laps up just so he can try to win back his love -- Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna).

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Though the theme runs at a subtle layer, ‘Bheeshma’ is a fun rom-com that provides wholesome entertainment. When did we last see such a feel-good film in Telugu?

Forget the lapses in the film such as a guy who fails in studies being made an acting CEO for Bheeshma Organics by its owner, also named Bheeshma, (Anant Nag). And the same guy reads up all the books on organic farming just to impress the girl who works there. Why hadn’t he shown the same interest in his studies, you may wonder.

So the best advice is to leave your thinking cap at home and enjoy the film for what it is — a laugh-a-minute riot. The film has all the trappings of a Trivikram Srinivas’ movie. Why not? After all, Venu Kudumula has worked as an assistant to Srinivas.

There’s action, music, funny one liners and good photography. Kudumula has excelled himself as director from his debut ‘Chalo’ with Naga Shourya and Mandanna in the lead roles. Sagar’s music is one of the highlights. ‘What a beauty...’ and ‘I am single, ready to mingle...’ are composed well and these two of the four songs in the movie are picturised well.

Comedy rules in this film and it’s well woven into the storyline. You will definitely sympathise with Vennala Kishore as he keeps losing his job whenever Bheeshma bumps into him and from being a gold medalist agricultural scientist he becomes a car driver. Sampath Raj, Raghubabu, Brahmaji and Naresh too help run the laughter train.

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For Nithin, who has had a bad run with his last three films, this is definitely a vibrant comeback. It’s him all through. But the fight sequences were unnecessary and seem included just to satisfy his fans.

He is ably supported by Mandanna who is proving to be a lucky mascot in the Telugu film industry. Move over Kajol, Tamannah, Rakul Preet et al. The ‘Kannada Crush’ is here for a longer innings.

Ever wondered why villains in our films have to have a gruffy voice always? Jishu Sengupta, who looks quite sophisticated for negative role as an unscrupulous businessman who is opposed to organic farming, sports this voice. Can’t they speak normally as we do?

It will be an understatement to say Kannada actor Anant Nag essayed his role well. Nag has done a couple of Telugu movies in lead roles in the late Seventies.

Oh, did you notice there’s a subtitle ‘Single for ever’? Why? You watch this family entertainer to find out.