National Aquarium abu dhabi jellyfish blue blubber
The jellyfish exhibit at The National Aquarium opened on July 15 Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Did you know that jellyfish have a unique life stage called invasion? This is what inspired the name of the mesmerising jellyfish exhibit at The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi.

The brand new ‘Invasion’ exhibition at The National Aquarium (TNA) at Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, showcases mesmerising stinging sea nettles, UFO like moon jellies, upside down jellies that farm sunlight, and giant energetic blubbers that are the long distance travellers of the family. All different shapes and forms are displayed in specialised aquariums that keep them in permanent aquatic suspension.

The exhibition takes its name, Invasion, from a term often used when blooms of jellyfish appear suddenly and for no apparent reason. Science has discovered that this natural ‘surprise’ is indeed, all part of their master plan.

Jellyfish have a unique life cycle that includes a dormant phase when the plant-like creatures called ‘jellyfish polyps’ remain sediment on the seafloor. When something extreme happens in the ocean, such as a sudden temperature change, the polyps start firing out an army of clones.

These genetically identical jellyfish clones, absent of brains and made of 98 per cent water, swarm the beaches, often causing distress among the public.

The National Aquarium is home to 46,000 creatures spread across 10 zones, and cared for by a team of 80 sea-life experts and specialists known for their outstanding work in other aquariums around the world.

Location: Al Qana, Abu Dhabi, Cost: All access pass starts at Dh190 per person