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Meat lovers! A new spot in DIFC is calling out your name and how. Beefbar, located snugly at Al Fattan Currency House, is a carnivore’s paradise disguised as a swanky restaurant.

The restaurant itself is split into two sections: the laid back bar/lounge area and a more formal, sit-down dining area, and each section is designed impeccably, with leather trimmings and dim black-and-white details. But even if everything about the Monaco import screams luxury, the vibe is mostly casual and unassuming, immediately putting guests at ease, a feature sorely missing at some of the more high-end restaurants in Dubai.

The menu is also divided into three easily navigable sections, with the meat and its premium cuts taking centrestage. The starters section includes the Taste of Kobe section, which basically takes Japanese Kobe Beef and puts a global spin on it. So, you end up with delightful creations like Kobe sliders, habanero chili tacos, quesadillas de la casa, Kobe beef gyoza, Kobe beef shawarma and crispy beef mashed potatoes.

Habanero chili tacos.

The Kobe sliders stole the show for us, chiefly because the bite-sized snacks pack a powerful punch when it comes to taste and texture. It’s an instant hit and you’ll find that you’ll be fighting your dinner companions over the last piece. The soft and flavourful gyozas, even if a little too sweet, hit a close second. And for those who like their meat raw, the black Angus carpaccio is a must have.

For the mains, the piece de resistance, I decided to go with our server’s recommendation and have the Australian black Angus beef steak, which is served with a side of their surprisingly delicious signature mashed potato. Those who are so inclined can upgrade to different versions of this creamy dish, and add trimmings like Italian blue cheese, white truffle cream, jalapeno peppers or French caviar.

Black Angus carpaccio

The steak itself is beautiful, both in presentation and taste; cut into thin strips by the server so you don’t have to do any of the work, the lightly charred meat that presents a delicious pink on the inside melts in your mouth in an explosion of juicy flavours.

My dinner companion opted for the veal tenderloin, again heavily recommended by the restaurant staff, and finished the rest of his meal in enraptured silence, so that could only mean good things.

What we also especially loved about Beefbar is the service that was beyond reproach, with the friendly and knowledgeable attendants patiently taking us through the menu at the start of the evening and then catering to our needs attentively, without being intrusive or overbearing.

For dessert — that we managed to eat anything after the first two courses is a miracle in itself — my dinner companion and I decided to share and went with what we thought would be a simple dish, the souffle served with a side of mango sorbet. However, the unassuming dessert arrived in a large-ish but stylish steel tumbler, the depths of which we never managed to reach. Only order if you terribly need to indulge that sweet tooth.

To enjoy the pleasures of high-end steakhouse coupled with charming, low-key vibes, head to Beefbar. Make sure it’s a special occasion too, because your wallet’s going to feel this outing as harshly as your taste buds will enjoy it.

The details

Location: Beefbar Dubai, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai

Timings: Daily from 7pm to 2am

Avg price for two: Dh800