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Now is the time to get back to the gym after a season of indulgence. But fueling your body correctly is more important than the workout itself.  Talabat has collated a selection of some of the healthiest eating options in the country. Meaning that, whatever your exercise style. Order a nutritious post workout meal that won’t ruin your new health regime.

Yoga Bunnies

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Your body is your temple, and natural food and eating mindfully is an essential part of maintaining a ‘Zen’ lifestyle. Refresh after your flows with a delicious cold press juice from Go Organic or order from Skinny Genie for gluten-free and dairy free meal options.

Body Builders

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A heavy weights session will leave your body depleted of glycogen. Opt for a meal full of fast digesting proteins and moderate to high GM carbs to help build muscle and slow protein breakdown. Check out The Fit Food Kitchen or Stm’d for their range of high protein health conscious meals. Another one you could try is MySixPak, a healthy gourmet food delivery service offering a wide range of meal plans for every goal.

Spin Queens (or Kings!)

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After an energetic and sweaty spinning class it is essential that you replenish fluids and feed your body protein. Packed with colourful veggies, healthy carbs and good protein, salads are the perfect post spin option – try out one of the huge range of options available at Bar Salata or Toss’d.

CrossFit Champions

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CrossFit’s concept of functional training achieves great results but is very taxing to the body – meaning that choosing the optimum post-workout recovery meal is essential. Order a meal full of easily digestible protein and carbs; Poke Poke’s healthy bowls are a great option, alternately choose Krave for a healthy take on old classics.

Armchair Enthusiasts

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For those who prefer a more sedate approach to health, Talabat has the solution with restaurants such as Under 500 and Healthy Little Secrets, offering tasty, and nutritionally balanced meals at the click of a button.