AVAYA NORAD Tracks Santa service
Image Credit: Supplied

Have your kids ever wondered how Santa Claus can make his way around the world in just a single night on Christmas Eve? Well, now you can show them – thanks to the Santa-tracking service from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in the United States.

Now in its 66th year, the NORAD Tracks Santa service provides updates along the route as Santa soars through the sky Christmas Eve through Christmas Day on his sleigh with nine reindeer guiding the way.

It works by monitoring Santa’s travels and ensuring his safety using radar, satellites, planes, and ‘Santa Cams’ strategically positioned worldwide.

And kids can stay informed, up to the minute, on Santa’s whereabouts with ease. NORAD uses AI-powered Avaya contact centre technology to engage in real-time with millions of children, of all ages, anxiously wanting to know where Santa is and when he might reach their homes.

All they have to do for a live update is simply call into NORAD if they’re in the United States, or visit the NORAD Tracks Santa website, www.noradsanta.org. Available in eight languages, more than 11 million users visited the site last year. And at least 12.3 million Amazon Alexa device users asked, “Hey, Alexa. Where’s Santa?”

And, despite a minimally staffed operations centre to keep members safe during the pandemic, 175 volunteers answered over 20,000 calls searching for Santa’s location.

According to NORAD, the call centre is the heart of its Tracks Santa program – one that has become a multi-generational tradition for families. “We appreciate Avaya’s support helping the program continue to expand each year,” said Preston Schlachter, NORAD Tracks Santa Program Manager.

“This has become a multi-generational tradition with families. We receive heartwarming feedback about this being one of people’s favorite activities to participate in long after their kids become adults.”

This year, due to the pandemic, only a limited number of volunteers including Avaya employees, will be onsite answering the NORAD Tracks Santa toll-free number. And, the NORAD Tracks Santa website will showcase Santa’s North Pole Village, which offers a holiday countdown, games, movie theatre, holiday music, a web store, and more.

So, this Christmas Eve, if your kids want to know how Santa is getting on, you know how to show them.

To learn more, visit www.noradsanta.org