Rajat Shukal, Global Head & Principal Partner, AsiaOne Magazine
Rajat Shukal, Global Head & Principal Partner, AsiaOne Magazine Image Credit: Supplied

Coming Together to Collaborate for Mutual Prosperity is the theme of the 17th Edition of Asia-Europe Business and Social Forum 2022, to be organised by AsiaOne Media Group, on April 12, 2022, at the London Marriott Hotel - Grosvenor Square, in the UK capital. The one day mega summit will be a grand congregation of business and social leaders from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa on a global platform for mutual welfare and collaboration. The Forum will comprise key business and social leaders from business and government sectors from the UK, USA, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, the UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, who will come forward to facilitate fresher avenues of economic cooperation, networking and investment opportunities across the globe, especially in the Eurasian, Gulf and African regions.

Through the 17th edition of Asia-Europe Business and Social Forum 2021, AsiaOne Media Group intends to highlight the significant social and economic progress Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa have achieved, and the various ways of collaboration for boosting economic growth and sustainable development. At the same time, the Forum promises a spectacular gathering of some of the great leaders of our time – government officials, ambassadors, business owners, investors, royal dignitaries and professionals, including CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and CHROs, from Europe, USA, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

Talking about the theme of the summit, Rajat Shukal, Global Head & Principal Partner, AsiaOne Magazine and UWG Media said, “With the rapidly changing post-pandemic world, we need to evolve swiftly and transcend the boundaries of nations and geographies and join hands for mutual progress and prosperity. Undoubtedly, collaboration is the need of the hour. Here and now is the time when we need to collectively generate opportunities for world growth. After creating a platform of excellence across Asia, Middle East and Africa, we intend to broaden the ambit and include Europe and Americas so as to bring to fore world’s greatest brands and leaders, simultaneously generating some of the unique and brand new opportunities for networking, investment and sustainable development.”

Placing an emphasis on the current importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Ajay Harinath Singh, Group Chairman, DPGC, said, “We strongly value our commitment to collectivity and collaboration for social welfare, especially in the light of the ongoing pandemic. I am delighted to state that our group has been creating huge employment and income generation opportunities for youth during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been entering into several high-growth sectors such as retail, defense production, logistics and e-vehicles to create wealth for the nation and boost economic growth with employment. DPGC's core values, vision, and robust CSR activities are in alignment with the theme of this edition of AsiaOne Summit. Through the upcoming AsiaOne Covid-19 Commitment Awards in the UK, we intend to promote the spirit of collectivity, caring and collaboration, which we believe are the most significant virtues inherent in human beings.”

India and UK Marching hand-in-hand with shared goals

The two significant aspects which bind the nations together are that both India and the UK are vibrant democracies and leading world economies. Both the nations have made impressive advances in human resources, manufacturing, innovation, science and technology, education, research, fintech, space, defence, emerging and green technologies and clean energy among others. Both hold immense potential for addressing global challenges pertaining to climate, security, terrorism and pandemics. Under the 2030 Vision, India and the UK intend to forge a partnership that is mutually beneficial for both countries. They aim for revitalised and dynamic connections between their people through re-energised trade, investment and technological collaboration that improves the lives and livelihoods of residents from both nations. They are also looking forward to enhancing defence and security cooperation. Primarily, they intend to collaborate in the broad spheres of climate, clean energy and health.

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