Wondergifts Apr 2 2024 eid-box

Eid al-Fitr, the joyful culmination of the month of Ramadan, is a time to exchange gifts with friends and family. Wondergifts, a Dubai-based gifting business offering a fresh approach to gift-giving, revolves around imparting the consumer an opportunity to acquire new experiences and make cherished memories together.

Their curated experiences, which span from thrilling desert safaris and hot-air-balloon rides to a tranquil visit to the spa, make the gifting experience during Eid much more distinguished and memorable.

Kashif Abbas, CEO and Co-founder of Wondergifts, says, “We want to revolutionise the experience of gifting during Eid. At Wondergifts, we believe that the memories you create with experiences mean much more than the gifts that rot on the shelf."

For Wondergifts, it's about giving people a chance to learn and explore new experiences to make the most of their time with their loved ones.

Why gift an experience?

Contrary to material things, experiences have the ability to stay with the recipient even long after the event ends. They help strengthen relationships, offer opportunities to grow personally, and create a deep appreciation for the people and the time we have spent together.

How Wondergifts works

With Wondergifts, it becomes much easier to surprise loved ones with an experience gift. You just need to browse the wide range of products, pick the one the receipt would love, and present it in one of their beautifully crafted gift packages. The beneficiary will now have the option to choose the date and time convenient for their adventure.

Unforgettable Eid gift experiences from Wondergifts

For Eid al-Fitr, Wondergifts proposes a host of unforgettable experiences like a serene hot-air-balloon ride at sunrise, an exciting staycation or a quick abroad escape, a scuba diving adventure, access to the most famous Dubai and Abu Dhabi landmarks, a family outing to a world-class theme park, or a luxurious spa retreat.

About Wondergifts

Influenced by successful European models, Wondergifts intends to reinvent gift-giving traditions in the Middle East. The Dubai-based start-up is dedicated to creating the best Eid celebrations that will bring people together to share their memories and make meaningful connections.

For more information visit www.wondergifts.ae