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Westford University College is a reputed transnational educational partner of leading international universities, delivering quality education since 2008. With two branches in Sharjah, the prestigious institution offers postgraduate, undergraduate, doctorate and vocational programmes that carry significant value and credibility, around the world. Over the years, Westford has gained tremendous recognition and won various awards and accolades including the “BTEC International Institution of the Year Silver Award” by Pearson, UK. In the past few years, Westford has expanded its academic portfolio of management and non-management programmes. Westford now offers undergraduate degrees in Media, Computer Science, Sports Business, Human Resources and Psychology, along with Business Analytics and, Accounting & Finance.

So far, Westford has contributed to 10,000+ students’ educational journeys who belong to over 130 nationalities. The reason why Westford is the ultimate choice for any student to enrol into one of its academic programmes are multi-fold. Apart from offering accredited programmes at an affordable fee, with a flexible academic structure; Westford also offers its students an opportunity to complete the final year of their undergraduate degrees in the UK with its partner universities. Students can also attend their graduation in the UK. This is over and above the opportunity to receive a WES approved degree and have the exposure to study in a multi-cultural setting.

Education with Westford just doesn’t stop at imparting academic knowledge. The institution believes in offering its students a 360 degree of higher education experience that includes various extracurricular activities such as industry visits, public speaking platforms and workshops led by industry experts, that equip Westfordians with the necessary skills required to thrive in their future job roles.

Westford is now accepting applications for its undergraduate programmes for the September 2022 intake and is also offering an array of scholarships and concessions on its fees.