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It’s a reputation that has been earned over decades of exemplary service and world-class hospitality education.

However, even as Swiss hospitality education continues to set the bar, global trends keep evolving as well.

With the onus to lead by example, Swiss hospitality education is therefore navigating these changes to continue to set the course for others to follow. We explore some of the initiatives.

Promoting global perspectives

As the world gets smaller, understanding diverse cultures is not a luxury, it is an essential. And Swiss hospitality schools are aware of this. Their students don’t just become experts in the art of hospitality, through cultivated training they also become global citizens. So, when these students graduate, they don’t just serve guests, they also understand and anticipate their diverse needs.

Focusing on sustainable practices

Sustainability lies at the heart of modern travel, and Swiss hospitality schools go over and beyond to impart eco-friendly practices to its students. They also make students experience them. From understanding waste management to delving into the art of sustainable sourcing, students curate experiences that are kind to the guest and to the planet.

Prioritising soft skills alongside technical knowledge

Anyone can serve a cup of coffee, but doing it with empathy and genuine care is an art form. Swiss schools have always understood the value of soft skills. Alongside rigorous technical training, they emphasise the human aspects of the job, from empathy and communication to leadership and more. These soft skills ensure that guests don’t just enjoy their stay; they cherish it, forming connections that last a lifetime.

Embracing technology in curriculum

In Switzerland’s hospitality schools, students learn not just about traditional hospitality but also how to use the latest digital tools, from modern reservation systems to virtual reality tours.

Tradition and modernity meld into a fine mesh, ensuring graduates blaze the success trail.