Parvathy A. Krishnan

How would you define your growth story and that of your brand?

Patience, dedication, and consistent commitment propelled us to establish Zaecy as a premium athleisure brand in the UAE market. With extensive manufacturing expertise, we deliver top-notch quality, offering comfort and style at an affordable price. Transitioning from B2B to D2C, we adapted and learned from challenges.

How has Zaecy identified its target customer segment, setting itself apart in the competitive athleisure industry in the UAE?

Established in 2021 and thriving by 2023, Zaecy emerged by seizing opportunities in the UAE, a cultural hub with expansive growth potential. As a premium athleisure brand emphasising inclusivity, our commitment to the same spans across ages, genders, categories, races, and body types, ensuring versatile wearability for active and leisure pursuits. Zaecy embodies premium quality and affordability, aspiring to global recognition from its UAE roots. Each of our garments reflects distinct style and fabric quality, ensuring versatility across different intensities. Zaecy stands as a symbol of premium quality and affordability, enhancing your status with superior fabric standards.

What have been the main challenges you faced while building your brand and what have been your chief takeaways from these conflicts?

Establishing a brand and gaining recognition is a demanding journey, shaped by overcoming challenges. Embracing setbacks as opportunities for growth, we navigated with determination and flexibility. With a customer-centric approach, Zaecy focuses on delivering comfort and quality, adapting to customer preferences while embracing feedback for continual improvement.

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind for the future set of UAE corporate leaders, as well as for your management and staff?

People strive relentlessly for success, yet the enduring legacy lies in ethical leadership, where success extends beyond financial achievements to include positive impact on society and the environment. My vision is to establish a legacy of resilience, innovation, and inclusivity by breaking barriers and fostering a culture of equality and opportunity. I aspire to empower women and diverse talent within my organisation and beyond, inspiring future leaders committed to integrity, creativity, and sustainable business practices.

Our corporate responsibility focuses on minimising our carbon footprint, practicing fair trade across our supply chain, and investing in social and environmental initiatives. We prioritise our team's well-being, treating them as extended family with policies that encourage emotional expression and foster trust.