The journey to motherhood can be challenging, especially for women dealing with endometriosis and related fertility issues. Burjeel Medical City (BMC), the flagship facility of Burjeel Holdings, is dedicated to providing multidisciplinary solutions for women’s healthcare needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and a team of expert medical professionals, the hospital offers unparalleled care through its specialized, world-class centers. Leading the charge is the Advanced Gynecology Institute (AGI), which offers comprehensive care, including advanced laparoscopic surgeries, for a wide range of complex gynecological conditions.

The Franco-European Multidisciplinary Institute for Endometriosis (IFEM Endo) Middle East Clinic, part of AGI, specializes in cutting-edge offerings for endometriosis. Led by world-renowned experts, the IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic is part of Burjeel’s extensive network, enabling patients from across the country and beyond to receive advanced care.

Understanding endometriosis

Endometriosis affects roughly 10 per cent of women in their reproductive years. It is a chronic condition where tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus grows outside it, usually on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, outer surface of the uterus, and other pelvic organs. It presents a significant but often overlooked barrier to fertility, causing chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms. Studies suggest that 30-50 per cent of people with endometriosis may experience infertility.

At IFEM Endo, our holistic approach to endometriosis treatment integrates advanced medical technology with personalized patient care, ensuring complete removal of endometriosis lesions wherever they could arise, and the best outcomes for women.

- Prof. Horace Roman, Endometriosis Surgeon and founding member of IFEM Endo

Prof. Horace Roman is an endometriosis surgeon from France and is a founding member of IFEM Endo. He is among the few surgeons globally who have dedicated two decades exclusively to endometriosis surgery. His practice and clinical research primarily revolve around surgically managing patients with deep endometriosis.

According to him, endometriosis is a condition that is frequently underdiagnosed and one that can have a great impact on fertility. Under his guidance, the IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic leads the way in offering personalized treatment approaches based on individual patient profiles.

Innovative surgical approaches

For endometriosis cases requiring surgical intervention, the IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic employs the latest in minimally invasive technology. Experts at the clinic use advanced techniques including robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery to enhance surgical precision, safeguard ovarian functionality, and facilitate fertility preservation.

Our focus on minimally invasive surgical techniques not only alleviates pain but also enhances reproductive health, giving women the best chance to conceive naturally.

- Dr. Sandesh Kade, Gynecologist Surgeon

Dr. Sandesh Kade, who heads AGI, is an expert in laparoscopic, endometriosis, and pelvic floor repair surgeries. Dr. Kade’s focus is on minimally invasive surgical techniques to restore normal pelvic anatomy and function and foster fertility.

Dr Monica Chauhan is a Consultant Gynecologist Surgeon specializing in minimally invasive and pelvic reconstructive surgeries. She emphasises that the clinic provides the latest advancements in endometriosis care, coupled with intensive follow-up protocols to ensure seamless continuity of care for patients

Laparoscopic surgery in endometriosis allows us to perform complex procedures with enhanced precision, preserving fertility and minimizing recovery time.

- Dr. Monica Chauhan, Consultant Gynecologist Surgeon

An important pillar of the IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic’s treatment philosophy is patient education. The experts at the clinic empower patients through knowledge, facilitating informed decisions and active participation in their care journey.

Advanced diagnostics

Precision in diagnosis is key to effective treatment. BMC’s use of the latest imaging technology enables the experts to detect and address endometriosis with unmatched accuracy. Its advanced imaging systems provide enhanced visibility, enabling the detection of even small abnormalities with exceptional accuracy. The IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic draws on such technology and prioritises advanced imaging techniques, enabling the meticulous planning of targeted treatments that are offered to conserve fertility to the fullest possible extent.

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BMC’s offerings are backed by state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring patients receive the highest standards of care and treatment. The hospital’s surgical suites are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing for advanced procedures such as laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. These minimally invasive procedures may enable shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and less scarring compared to traditional open surgeries.

Expert care at IFEM Endo

The IFEM Endo Middle East Clinic embodies a multidisciplinary, patient-focused approach, expertly navigating endometriosis and fertility issues. Its distinguished team, including Prof. Horace Roman, Dr. Sandesh Kade, and Dr. Monica Chauhan, set the standard in offering hope and tangible healthcare solutions to women.

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