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From humble beginnings as a single butcher shop, GMG emerges as a global player reshaping the food industry with innovative products and strategic partnerships

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, GMG is a global well-being company that retails, distributes, and manufactures a portfolio of leading international and home-grown brands across sports, everyday goods, health and beauty, properties, and logistics sectors. The conglomerate has deep ties to the food industry, starting as a one-stop butchery shop nearly five decades ago.

In 1977, GMG’s journey began with the vision of its Founder, Abdul Aziz Baker. He opened a single butcher shop near Jumeirah Beach, laying the foundation for what would become a global player in the food industry. Today, GMG’s ‘farm-to-fork’ strategy is a testament to its comprehensive coverage of the food consumption chain. The company’s Everyday Goods division proudly features home-grown food brands, food retail stores, and distributed brands.

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GMG has established itself as a trusted partner in the food service and retail segment industry, delivering high-quality, nutritious food products to its consumers in the UAE. In line with its commitment to the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy 2051 and the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ initiative, GMG operates six state-of-the-art food manufacturing and processing factories, an R&D kitchen, and a food laboratory located in Dubai, UAE. These facilities are the backbone of GMG’s food manufacturing operation and cover six product lines: meat, seafood, Himalayan pink salt, herbs and spices, sausages and cold cuts, and butchery and marination. These facilities play a crucial role in bringing a range of brands, including Farm Fresh, Chef’s Choice, Klassic, Sapora, Noor Al Islami, RUH, AL SERR, La Invitada, and Quality 1st Choice, to consumers.

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As a testament to GMG’s innovative spirit and unique value proposition within the growing local food sector, GMG introduced its latest product innovation, Farm Fresh Chicken Chips, Shnax, at Gulfood 2024. We also announced La Invitada, a fusion Tex-Mex brand, and AL SERR, a portfolio of spices, sauces and condiments.

Shnax is crafted entirely from 100 per cent chicken, these chips offer consumers a healthier snacking option, reshaping perceptions of traditional snacks and reflecting the company’s path to growth and excellence. This move represents a shift from traditional frozen options to a more engaging and healthy snacking choice, catering to health-conscious consumers. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to transforming the snacking industry.

In 2022, GMG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Silal, part of ADQ — one of the region’s largest holding companies, to drive collaboration in the food sector by connecting consumers directly with farmers. Through this agreement, GMG Everyday Goods — Retail division supports local farmers (up to 1,100 farms) contracted with Silal to bring fresh local produce to consumers directly sourced from local farms. This partnership helped accelerate GMG’s long-term vision to source 30 per cent of fresh food locally.

Mohammad A. Baker, Deputy Chairman & CEO, GMG

In 2023, GMG’s Everyday Good partnered strategically with Emirates Crop One, a joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) and Crop One, an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming. Under this partnership agreement, the companies collaborated to create a custom-made food range to fulfil and exceed customer expectations of ready, freshly prepared meals. This initiative highlighted GMG’s commitment to innovate and develop food products that elevate the customer experience.

Furthermore, GMG’s strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and manufacturing endeavours are a testament to its objective of developing sustainable food production systems through modern technologies while enhancing local production. At the recently held Gulfood, GMG signed a strategic partnership with Dubai Municipality in line with the Dubai Farms, which offers various services and incentives to support Emirati farmers who own productive agricultural projects. As a part of the agreement, GMG and Dubai Municipality will collaborate to market and sell farmers’ products. GMG will collect, package, and market the crops across local outlets.

Looking ahead, GMG aims to continue solidifying its commitment and contribution to the UAE’s food manufacturing industry in line with the country’s vision and ambitions.