Hotpack - Headquarters - DIP
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Make in the UAE aims to promote the idea of self-sufficiency and economic diversification in the country. It is a call to action from the government to companies, encouraging them to play a direct role in stimulating the UAE’s economic growth by developing and manufacturing products within the nation’s borders.

In line with this goal, Hotpack Global has solidified its position as the largest manufacturer of packaging products in the region. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global, emphasises Hotpack’s commitment to the Make in the UAE initiative.

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“With almost 30 years of presence in the market, we firmly believe in the potential of the UAE to become a global leader in manufacturing and innovation. By localising our operations and investing in the latest technology and sustainable production processes, this initiative not only allows us to meet domestic demand with high-quality products but also positions the UAE as a hub for packaging solutions globally without compromising on sustainability,” says Jebbar.

The company operates 13 advanced manufacturing plants in the UAE that produce an extensive product portfolio, exceeding 4,000 items, catering to various industries including consumer-packaged goods, food, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Expanding on Hotpack’s dedication to sustainability in its manufacturing processes, Jebbar further says, “We emphasise eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, from paper and aluminium to plastic aligning with the UAE’s vision for a greener future. An example of our sustainability-focused manufacturing is our latest and largest plant at National Industries Park (NIP).”

As Hotpack continues to evolve and expand its operations, it remains committed to setting new benchmarks in the global packaging industry. With a focus on progressive and sustainable growth, Hotpack exemplifies the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the Make it in the UAE initiative, driving economic prosperity and industrial advancement within the nation.