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In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, amidst its gleaming skyscrapers and cultural melting pot, lies Glendale International School, a British curriculum school that blends cutting-edge technology with the best outdoor experience.

Step into the school’s Immersion Lab, and you’ll find yourself transported to realms limited only by imagination. Here, students explore the wonders of ancient civilisations, dive into the depths of the ocean, or even journey into outer space. It’s not merely about consuming content but about immersive and interactive learning experiences that ignite curiosity and spark creativity.

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The Design and Technology Lab is a hub of innovation, where students roll up their sleeves to turn ideas into reality. From coding robots to crafting prototypes, the lab fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills essential for success in the 21st century.

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Yet, amidst the buzz of technology, Glendale International School remains firmly grounded in nature. Step outside the four walls of a classroom, and you’ll discover a verdant oasis teeming with life. The outdoor learning areas are a testament to the school’s commitment to take education to the next level. The Animal Sanctuary, with a fish pond, rabbits, turtles and birds, offers children the chance to connect with animals, fostering empathy and responsibility.

Adjacent to the petting zoo is the vegetable patch, where students don gardening gloves and get their hands dirty. Here, they learn about sustainable farming, the importance of fresh produce, and the journey of food from soil to table. This hands-on experience instils in them a sense of environmental stewardship and a healthy appreciation for nutritious eating.

When the temperatures in Dubai dip, classrooms are no longer within the confines of four walls. Outdoor classrooms dot the campus, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional indoor settings. Whether it’s a literature class under the shade of a tree or a science experiment conducted on the grassy lawns, the outdoor classrooms provide a dynamic and stimulating environment that enhances learning.

One of the most innovative features of Glendale’s outdoor learning programme is the Scan to Learn initiative. Scattered throughout the lush campus are around 200 species of plants, each tagged with a QR code. With a simple scan using their iPads, students can access detailed information about each plant, including its scientific name, ecological importance, and traditional uses. This programme turns a casual stroll through the school grounds into an educational adventure, encouraging curiosity and independent learning.

Glendale International School exemplifies how modern education can transcend traditional boundaries. By integrating advanced technology with immersive outdoor experiences, it prepares students not just for academic success but for life. The emphasis on a balanced approach to learning ensures that students develop a wide range of skills, from digital literacy and technical expertise to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. ■