Dafne Perez, Marketing Director, Kabrita Arabia

1. What sets Kabrita Arabia apart as a master distributor of milk products for infants, and what can attendees of The Baby Expo Dubai expect from your exhibit?

Kabrita seamlessly blends care and science, committed to providing the highest quality Goat Milk for children and ensuring top-notch nutrition. While breastfeeding is the best choice, our goat milk formula offers an excellent alternative. At The Baby Expo Dubai, anticipate an engaging and informative experience. Our exhibit will educate and inform parents, leaving them feeling reassured and supported. We aim to answer all their questions about Kabrita goat milk formula and make them feel right at home.

2. As a producer and distributor of world-leading brands, how does Kabrita ensure the quality and safety of the products it represents, and how does this commitment resonate with the discerning parents attending the expo?

Kabrita takes quality control very seriously, with each product undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and purity. We have full control from grass to glass, securing the highest standards at every step. We know parents today are highly discerning, so we invite them to examine and question our products. Our commitment to quality shows our deep care for their little ones’ well-being.

3. What unique experiences or highlights can attendees expect from Kabrita at The Baby Expo Dubai, and how do these align with the expo’s focus on providing valuable resources for parents?

Motherhood is filled with excitement and challenges; we want to empower mums and especially new mums, ensuring they are aware and informed. Our booth will feature detailed product information sessions, answering all their questions. Our aim is to provide valuable resources and support to parents, aligning with the expo’s focus on delivering the best for baby products and services.

4. How does Kabrita contribute to the overall mission of The Baby Expo Dubai and what role do you see your company playing in shaping the landscape of baby and children’s milk products in the region?

Kabrita believes in the power of community, helping to shape a future where every child is nourished and cherished, providing parents with the confidence and peace of mind they deserve. We envision a community of mums who trust themselves, their heritage, and their instincts.