UNS Vertical Farms
Image Credit: Supplied

Located in the bustling district of Al Quoz, Uns Vertical Farms, a key division of the legendary Speedex Group, is pioneering the food landscape of Dubai through its advanced vertical farming techniques. Specialising in a broad array of produce, Uns Vertical Farms excels in meeting the needs of both B2B markets, such as restaurants, hotels, and wholesalers, and supports B2C channels by supplying high-quality, fresh products.

Diverse range of produce

At the heart of Uns Vertical Farms’ operation is a diverse array of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, all cultivated with meticulous care. The farm grows essential herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro, crucial for adding a burst of freshness to any dish. Their assortment of leafy greens includes varieties such as spinach, kale, and multiple types of lettuce, ideal for crafting delicious salads and entrees. Additionally, Uns Vertical Farms produces robust, flavourful tomatoes and crisp cucumbers, alongside decorative edible flowers that enhance both the visual appeal and taste of culinary dishes.

Technological edge in vertical farming

Uns Vertical Farms leverages vertical farming technology within a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) system, ensuring a steady year-round production. This approach not only guarantees consistency in quality and availability but also significantly diminishes the farm’s water use and overall environmental impact. By adopting sustainable practices, Uns Vertical Farms aligns with the global shift towards more eco-friendly agricultural methods, making it a leader in urban farming innovation.

Serving B2B and B2C markets

Uns Vertical Farms primarily serves the B2B sector by providing fresh produce to businesses such as leading supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and wholesalers. They ensure that these establishments receive top-quality ingredients that meet their high standards, supporting Dubai’s bustling hospitality and culinary scenes. While Uns Vertical Farms does not sell directly to individual consumers, their produce reaches the broader market through partnerships, allowing residents to enjoy fresh, locally grown vegetables and herbs.

The Speedex legacy

As part of the Speedex Group — which has been a pillar of Dubai’s DIY and home enhancement industry for over three decades — Uns Vertical Farms inherits a tradition of excellence and innovation. This connection enhances their reliability and underpins their dedication to high standards, assuring all clients, particularly those in the B2B sector, that they are receiving superior products and services.

Uns Vertical Farms is not just supplying ingredients; it is at the forefront of transforming Dubai’s culinary standards by providing sustainable, fresh, and high-quality produce year-round. Their advanced vertical farming techniques and commitment to the environment position them as a pivotal player in the future of urban agriculture, helping to sustain the city’s dynamic and diverse food scene.