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AJMS Group and 1Life healthcare from Singapore have joined together to create a combined Insurtech and digital health offering to be based in the UAE, with offerings to insurers around the GCC, Africa and South Asia. The concerns of corporates and individuals alike on the rising annual health premiums and costs in healthcare is a key consideration for this sharing of expertise and joint investment into a digital health platform catered to increase individuals engagement and awareness of their risk factors for chronic health problems and manage this effectively with assistance from primary care and specialists within a preferred panel both online and clinics.

These will include onsite health events with corporates to increase health screening opportunities and personal health record with claims data and follow-up advice with both AI empowered data driven care navigation and health concierges available with telemedicine support.

While complimenting the 1life Healthcare team, Dr Abhishek Jajoo, Chairman of 1Life Healthcare and AJMS Group, stated that the expertise brought by 1life Healthcare on digital health tools and patient engagement would be incredibly effective to increase the awareness of health risks and manages these in a personalised fashion, while accumulating big data for population health metrics within insurer medical teams.

He added that the functionalities of incorporating telemedicine licenced by Dubai Health Authority, through integration of Connect To My Doctor (C2MD) platform, offers a wide pool of licenced healthcare practitioners and medical groups who can guide the patients in managing chronic diseases and get licenced medical opinions effectively.

Dr Vas Metupalle, CEO of 1Life Healthcare, added that given AJMS Group’s excellent network and competence within the insurance industry, the synergy of bringing these digital health offerings to the industry with secure and tightly integrated solution will be a game changer in increasing customer engagement in the preventive health offerings and heading towards value based healthcare options. The population health analytics that will be offered from the preventive programs will assist the insurer medical teams with managing risky portfolios and provide early interventional programs with hybrid teams of clinic and online based healthcare providers.

Rajkumar TR, CEO of Ainsurtech, the insurtech arm of AJMS Group, stated that investing with 1life healthcare into the digital health platform for insurers, the core objective was to launch a user-friendly fully integrated solution for the insurance companies that drives increased efficiencies with improved access to data and ability to provide personalised care through 1Life healthcare platform. He also said, “We're excited to be a part of this journey to transform the insurance industry."