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1. Don’t be surprised if baby makes a face

How a newborn looks can surprise new parents, sometimes. Knowing what to expect preps you as a parent to look after baby in the days and weeks to come. In terms of weight, for instance babies on average weigh 3.5kgs at birth. While many lose this birth weight in the first few days after being born, the weight is regained within the first 10 days. Again, in terms of colour, newborn baby skin is often of a dark red or purple hue, which usually fades in two days as discolouration is part of the baby’s blood circulation development process. However, the hands and feet can remain blue for slightly longer periods.

It’s important to remember that appearances will vary from baby to baby, with swollen eyes for instance being a result of pressure from the birth canal.

The head may also appear cone shaped at times, which is completely normal, as the head slowly takes on its conventional shape in due course. Also be prepared for dry or peeling skin in the first weeks, as well as something called lanugo, a fine downy hair that newborns are sometimes covered by.

2. Frequent feeding a must

Be it feeding formula or breastfeeding, most newborns require feeding between 8-12 times across 24 hours. That means you should plan on feeding your baby every 1-3 hours during the early days. Don’t worry if your baby is asleep during this feeding cycle, wake them up if they are asleep 2 1/2 hours from the last feeding and feed them again.

Also be aware of hunger cues like the opening and closing of the mouth, restlessness and head turning, lip smacking and moving of the fists to mouth. These are the usual signs before a baby starts to cry when hungry, so stay alert. There is also no need to prompt burping, your baby will burp on their own.

3. Upto 3-4 dirty diapers a day is the norm

They maybe a dirty affair, but messy diapers are all part of the chronicles of raising baby. Things to keep in mind include changing in the consistency and colour of the stools, which is fine — just ensure the baby is ingesting healthy food at all times.

Bowel movement frequency also varies from baby to baby. Most babies sees bowel movement between 2-5 times a day, depending on whether the baby is breastfed or formula fed.

4. Sleep when your baby sleeps

Getting enough sleep can be a challenge for both parents and the newborn in the early days. Newborn babies for instance require between 16-17 hours a day, which is frequently interrupted by diaper changes, feeding schedules and general wakefulness.

Note that after the first six weeks, babies develop their own sleeping patterns, sleeping through possibly two night time feedings between the ages of 4-8 weeks, allowing for between 5-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Parents at the same time require their beauty sleep too, and experts recommend parents to catch up on sleep when their babies do. This also helps establishing a regular bedtime routine.

5. Bond right, bond tight

The first weeks are always very special for new parents as they bond with their newborn.

However, that being said, is there a perfect bonding ritual? Not really, but observing a few tips helps. Skin-to-skin contact with baby, for instance helps in the bonding process and also benefits the baby’s health. From resting the baby on your bare chest to cuddling and touching them regularly, these are all great ways to reaffirm your connect with the little one. Talking to babies is also a great way to bond. Be aware that when the baby can’t talk, it’s actually listening. Also get close to baby when bonding as they are usually nearsighted.

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