"You can go to rock festivals. The weather is also great, unlike what people think," says Saad Chyghtai, a student of medicine. Reema Saffarini asks 10 others what they think.

"I know the place. I go there every year; so it was a good choice for my bachelors degree."
- Ahmad Fares, majoring in finance and marketing

"Amazing night life. Many big cities and a mix of people of all nationalities."
- Erbaz Pakkar, majoring in finance and marketing

"The quality of education is better. I'll be able to get better job opportunities."
- Rita Tariq, majoring in electrical and computer engineering

"I'm from the UK; the universities have a good selection of courses; the quality is high."
- Alex Bage, majoring in biology

"A lot of companies here in Dubai require employees with a degree from the UK or the US."
- Ahmad Saleem, majoring in computer science

"A UK education is valuable. There is a demand for people with masters/doctoral degrees."
- Caroline Job, planning on a Masters in Business Administration

"People. You can find a number of cultures. UK degrees are also recognised world over."
- Shashini Costa, majoring in medicine

"You can have fun; degrees are well recognised; studying medicine there is the best."
- Savindika Nawarathna, majoring in medicine

"The only place that would accept my Emirates Aviation College certificate is the UK universities."
- Rasha Tariq, studying aerospace and aviation

"My father wants me to study in the UK. It's a good place to go for higher education."
- Mahsa Dahaghin, majoring in accounting