It's no secret that hundreds of homeless souls wander the streets of the UAE in the form of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals.

They scratch around for morsels of food, drips of water and any form of shelter from the dark nights and scorching days.

With the existing refuge homes packed to the rafters, a successful Dubai businesswoman has launched a new website in a bid to help re-home some of the animals.

The website,, was created out of the need for an accessible resource that could at one glance list all the animals needing new homes at veterinary practices, animal shelters and private homes around the UAE.

Languishing in cages

The idea was born by Melanie Koestler, CEO of Muse, a German multimedia company based in Dubai, whilst she was visiting the vet with her own much-loved pet rabbit.

She discovered that many of the pets languishing in cages at veterinary clinics across the city were abandoned and were simply waiting to be euthanised if a home wasn't found.

Koestler said: “We aim to make it possible for people to re-home an unwanted, stray or abandoned pet using the world's most modern medium — the internet.

“It is our wish that by putting people with animals needing homes in touch with people with homes needing an animal, we can help the helpless strays in the UAE.

“We would also like to reduce the burden on veterinarians and animal welfare societies that daily have new animals that are looking for homes. At the end of the day we hope the site will reduce the number of animals that are euthanised or abandoned in the UAE by giving people a free and easy way to advertise an abandoned pet.''

Totally free of charge

Koestler added: “I have my own business and I just wanted to do my bit to help. I do not have hundreds and thousands of dirhams to hand out to charity but I believe you should use your skills and resources to help in the best way you can.

“I know web design and animals and this seemed like a practical way to make a difference. All I would ask is that people respect the site and not enter any images or text that could be offensive to other people.

“We get regular enquiries and commendations from users of but unfortunately, not enough people are aware of the site at the moment to make it a successful resource.''

Room for growth

Koestler is determined to make the website a valuable tool for residents, veterinarians and rescue centres throughout the UAE.

She added: “The website is set up so people don't have to call anyone for help. You register and follow the simple steps and do it all independently.

“If the website is successful there is no reason why it could not be expanded to cater for animals right across the GCC region.

“I simply want to help these animals. When I discovered what happens I immediately opened my home and took in a young dog who now is my best friend.''