Tanmia establishes information bureaus throughout the UAE to guide student's career choices.

Tanmia, the National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority, recently announced a campaign designed to inform UAE students about opportunities in the local employment market.

Tanmia has established information bureaus at schools and colleges throughout the country to provide general statistics and information about the changing requirements of the employment sector to students.

By providing these bureaus, Tanmia aims to inform the different student sectors about the local job market requirements, different professional directions available and highlight potential opportunities to help students define their future career choices.

The bureaus are located at:
- The Institute of Applied Technology,
- Emirates University,
- Al Ain Women's Technical College,
- Al Fujairah Men's Technical College,
- Ajman Secondary School,
- Al Ameer Secondary School
- Al Quadssiyeh Secondary School.

Tanmia recently launched a system to gather data about the GCC labour market and offers the information to employers, training institutions, employment services and job seekers.