A different world. The Miracle Garden at the exhibition hall of Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi stretches 33 metres long.

ABU DHABI Dubai’s desert wonder, Miracle Garden, has blossomed in Abu Dhabi.

A spectacular display of 500,000 flowers and plants is being showcased at Marina Mall during a month-long exhibition.

It is the first time the record breaking Miracle Garden is bringing its floral marvel outside of Dubai and inside a shopping mall.

The Autumn Garden launched at the exhibition area of the mall stretches 33 metres and includes two giant horse statues decorated with fresh flowers.

Entry to the garden is Dh10 for all visitors. The exhibition showcases over 35 varieties of plants. Freshly cut lush green grass with flower beds are strewn throughout the exhibition area.

There is also a dedicated seating area where visitors can take pictures against the backdrop of the beautiful floral patterns.


Nothing like anything


The organisers said the indoor garden is maintained on a daily basis by a team of florists and landscapers.

“This is nothing like what we have ever seen in Abu Dhabi before,” an excited Dana Hamad, a Lebanese student, told XPRESS. She said she has never been to the Miracle Garden in Dubai, and hence is happy to see the garden coming to her city.

Another Abu Dhabi resident, Amy Leather from the UK said she is thrilled to see a ‘flower wonder’ in the middle of the desert.

“I have visited the Miracle Garden in Dubai twice. That was the most beautiful thing I have seen in the UAE. And this miniature miracle garden is equally stunning.”

The Miracle Garden was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest vertical garden and nurtures more than 45 million flowers.

Engineer Abdel Nasser Rahhal, General Manager of the Miracle Garden, said they are delighted to partner with Marina Mall for its first indoor exhibition.

“We hope everyone will enjoy the beautiful garden which we have designed especially for this event.”