Fans of Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez do not have to wait for Regine's return to Dubai, Anton Diva's here!

Anthony Ragaza, better known as Anton Diva, the best Regine tribute act will regale you on October 2 at Ratsky Club, Ramada Continental Hotel, Abu Hail, Deira, Dubai.

Anton is going to sing tracks from Regine's 18 Greatest Hits album such as I don't want to miss a thing, And I am telling you, and many more high hitting notes live in Dubai. He will also be belting Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love and Beyonce's Listen.

Apart from Anton's powerful vocal range, he has a great sense of humour, and thus he gained the label - The Comic Songbird.

Anton was a nominee for Best New Male Recording Artist at the 19th Awit Awards in 2006. He was a contender for Best Stand-up Male Comedy Act Aliw Awards from 2005 to 2007.

He was one of the finalists in the 1st Levi Celerio Music Festival with his song 6 feet. Apart from his plan of seriously breaking into showbiz, Anton is also hoping to record a second album after CD Lite with Vicor Music.

Presently Anton is busy with his international shows. He is also a regular performer in comedy bars such as Punchline, Laffline Music Café, Metro Comedy Bar and 22nd St. Music Café in the Philippines.

Anton chatted to tabloid! ahead of his performance in Dubai.

Q: How would you describe Anton Diva?
A: A hard-working artist who tries to give pride to my chosen career, working wholeheartedly in every performance and still manage to enjoy every second I spend with my audience.

Q: Why did you choose to impersonate Regine Velasquez?
A: I believe in her talent, style and the fact that she is one of the best female singers of the country who has proven herself time and again that she has what it takes to live up to the title - truly the one and only Asia's Songbird.

Q: Some people are saying that you are better than Regine. What do you say?
A: I am very much flattered and I take it as a compliment but as an avid fan, I still look up to Regine for without her there could never be an Anton Diva.

Q: Who else do you copy?
A: None, but as a versatile singer, I also go with the current trend. I sing songs of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Beyonce, Barbra Streisand and other top calibre singers to name a few.

Q: Who discovered you?
A: Ever since my school age, my teachers would often ask me to render song numbers or participate in singing contests at school or to represent the school. I was even asked to join the school choir and my trainer/s harnessed my innate talent. Furthermore, my parents and family were very supportive and believed in what I had to offer.

Q: How did you develop your singing career?
A: I am very much keen in my career, in such a way that I study my piece by heart. I memorise the lyrics and put my whole heart into each word - giving justice to the song and the message it tries to relay.

Q: What is your secret for having a powerful voice?
A: I never had any vices. I don't smoke. And I make it a point to have adequate rest before and after each performance because I believe that my body is my investment.

Q: Is it true that you have undergone cosmetic surgery?
A: Never, everything is still original!

Fast facts
What: Anton Diva Live in Dubai
When: October 2, 2009
Where: Ratsky Club, Ramada Continental Hotel, Abu Hail, Deira, Dubai
Age restriction: 21 and above and door policy applies. Door opens at 8pm
Ticket price: Regular: Dh90 / VIP: Dh150
Ticket outlets: Spinneys, Mediacom, Agemono, Baitong, CM Supermarket, Bulwagang Filipino Restaurant, Mindmill Abu Dhabi