The Sustainability District
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Dubai: Next year this time where will you be? From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 Dubai will host the largest event ever held in the Arab World. Expo 2020 Dubai will inspire everyone from across the world to come together and create a world of possibilities. So if you’ve missed the milestones of history, when the Eiffel Tower was built for the Exposition Universelle de 1889 in Paris or in 1876 during the first public showing of the arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty, or Albert Einstein’s speech on cosmic rays in New York in 1939, here is your moment.

Expo 2020 Dubai will showcase the best of art, architecture, innovation and technology. But what does it mean to host a World Expo? It means dealing with numbers, logistics, programme schedules, getting people together from all corners of the world safely to Dubai, and ensuring everyone is well fed. Most importantly, it means an unforgettable visitor experience. So ad Dubai says Hayyakum to the world, here is what the mega event looks like in numbers


The area of the Expo 2020 Dubai site in square kilometres, twice the size of Monaco

25 million

The number of visits to Expo 2020 Dubai between October 2020 and April 2021, equivalent to welcoming the population of Australia through its gates in six months


The number of sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability


The number of days that Expo 2020 Dubai will celebrate human brilliance and achievement


The percentage of visitors that are expected to come from outside the UAE, the largest proportion of international visitors in more than a century and a half of World Expos

60 +

The number of live events hosted per day at Expo 2020 Dubai for 173 consecutive days

200 +

The number of participants taking part in Expo 2020 Dubai, including nations, multilateral organisations, businesses and educational institutions


The number of countries that have confirmed their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, either publicly or privately


The number of visitors on an average day to Expo 2020 Dubai


The number of people that can be accommodated per day at the Expo 2020 site, more than three times the capacity of London’s Wembley Stadium


The area in square metres of the Dubai Exhibition Centre, co-located at the Expo 2020 site


The number of drinking fountains at the Expo site designed by creatives in the UAE and the region through a competition held earlier this year


The number of passengers that can be transported per hour to and from the Expo site on the Route 2020 line.


The types of official licensed products that will be sold through retail outlets across the Expo site, as well as by authorised outlets around the UAE and Expo 2020’s online store


The number of suppliers from 151 countries that have registered to do business on Expo 2020 Dubai’s esourcing portal.

100 million

The amount of money in US Dollars allocated to Expo Live, Expo 2020 Dubai’s innovation and partnership programme, to support innovative solutions to pressing global challenges


The amount of grant money in US Dollars that have been awarded to each of the 120 global ambassadors from 65 countries as part of the Expo Live’s flagship Innovation Impact Grant Programme


The number of volunteers -- both UAE nationals and expats – that will help to deliver Expo 2020


The number of applications received to be a volunteer


The number of people who will work at the Expo site each day during the six months of the event


The number of people directly employed by Expo 2020 Dubai


The number of nationalities represented in the Expo 2020 team


The number of people under the age of 30 working for Expo 2020


The percentage of women who make up the Expo workforce

200 +

The number of food and beverage outlets at the Expo site


The number of meals that will be served during a peak day at Expo 2020

5  million

The number of meals that will be needed to fuel the Expo workforce during the six months of the event


The height in metres of the Al Wasl Plaza’s dome, more than 10 metres taller than Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa


The number of elephants that will weigh as much as the Al Wasl Plaza’s steel trellis dome which covers an area the size of 16 tennis courts


The number of people that will fit inside the Al Wasl Dome


The weight of the Al Wasl Dome in tonnes, equivalent to 25 Blue Wales.


The number of country pavilions that will be feature in Expo 2020’s three Thematic Districts, showcasing unique architecture, culture and exhibits from around the world


The number of solar panels on the roof of the Sustainability Pavilion that will be able to generate 4GWH of power over a year, enough to charge 900,000 mobile phones


The number of people that can be hosted in the Sustainability Pavilion in a single day, more than the average number of people who visit the Eiffel Tower during the same period


The number of people carried by the lift at the Mobility Pavilion at a time, making it the world’s largest lift


The number of wi-fi access points hosted by Expo 2020 Dubai


The percentage estimated reduction in potable water used by Expo 2020’s legacy buildings (when compared to conventional buildings)


The percentage of Expo’s built environment that will be reused and transformed into District 2020, a world-class integrated community


The percentage of young Emiratis who have graduated from Expo 2020’s apprenticeship programme and have gone on to secure full-time positions within the organisation


The number of students reached as part of The Expo School Programme in all seven emirates

100 million

The number of work hours completed to date at the Expo 2020 site


The number of people working on the Expo site during peak construction activity.

122.6  billion

The expected contribution of the Expo in Dirhams to the UAE economy between 2013 and 2031.