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See what beauty products and tools K-pop celebrities have in their rotation, as recommended to them by industry make-up artists and doctors. Image Credit: Instagram/@somisomi0309

Under constant rolling cameras and in between hectic schedules, Korean pop stars will always leave us in awe of their perfect skin. Some may attribute it to make-up, but the truth is, skincare is fundamental to these young performers. Even if it means tackling a multi-step nighttime regimen after a long day of filming, dancing and singing.

In fact, they're so intrinsically linked to the skincare industry that brand endorsements are routine, and so are late-night live streams, where artists answer their fans' most burning question of the hour: 'What's your skincare routine?'

Thanks to curious K-pop fans, we now have a well-documented archive on social media of their favourite stars' most-used beauty items. But none would be as important to note down as a K-pop artist's PM essentials. Our skin renews and repairs during sleep, allowing products to maximise their full potential at night and give us jaw-dropping results in the morning.

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1. Nayeon, TWICE: Biore Make-up Remover Perfect Oil

nayeon twice
TWICE's Nayeon Image Credit: Instagram/@nayeonyny

If you wear make-up, a vital first step in your nighttime routine would be cleansing the face thoroughly. Girl group member Nayeon of TWICE follows the double-cleansing method like most Korean celebrities, and one cleansing oil that melts all her make-up away is the popular Biore product. This J-beauty cleansing oil doesn't emulsify when it comes in contact with water, so the formula retains the perfect consistency for breaking down waterproof mascara, eyeliner, sunscreen and more. What makes reviewers the happiest is how easily the cleanser comes off, without leaving behind any sticky or oily residue. Nayeon, then, follows it up with the viral Senka Perfect Whip foam cleanser.

2. Soobin, TXT: Manyo Factory Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam

txt soobin
TXT's Soobin Image Credit: Instagram/@page.soobin

Those with oily skin will want a sebum-absorbing water-based cleanser in the next step of their routine. In a vlog shot by TXT member Soobin, the K-pop star was seen using ma:nyo Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam. Its key ingredient, green tea leaf, removes impurities and controls oil, while soda absorbs any greasiness and papaya enzymes nourish the skin. Fans of Soobin in the reviews approve of the cleanser and how a pearl-sized amount lathers up so well, meaning one tube can easily stretch for months.

3. Jeon Somi: Jungsaemmool Essential Mool Cream

Looking to introduce extra hydration into the skin this winter? Opt for K-pop solo artist Jeon Somi's pick (above). Jungsaemmool's Essential Mool Cream works wonders for the star's dry skin type. She layers on a few pumps after cleansing and toning the face to lock in the moisture. With the help of squalane, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and a flower extract complex, this liquid formula brightens the complexion and strengthens the skin barrier. As you rub the lotion-like texture into the skin, it turns creamy. You're left with a dewy, glowing finish, even attested to by reviewers, who mention suffering from dry patches around the mouth.

4. Jihyo, TWICE: VANAV UP6 Skincare Device for Anti-aging and Face Lifting

jihyo twice
TWICE's Jihyo Image Credit: Instagram/@_zyozyo

For some K-pop stars, vigorous application of skincare products is not enough. They take the help of beauty devices to effectively boost penetration of their cleansers, serums and creams into the skin. TWICE member Jihyo is a fan of the K-beauty Vanav UP6 tool, which she uses over a moisturising face mask before bed, gently rubbing its titanium head in tight circles on the face and the neck for at least 15 minutes. This all-in-one machine brings complete facial therapy home, with 3D vibration, galvanic ion massage and LED therapy. Move through six modes for certain steps in your routine - you can cleanse your pores over a toner with the clean-up mode or massage anti-ageing creams by lifting the skin in the lifting mode. Other modes include vitamin C and eye zone. Buyers add that they get more value for their money, as products absorb better with the tool, making their skin look tighter and plump after consistent use.

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5. Hoshi, Seventeen: The Lab By Blanc Doux Green Flavonoid 2.5 Pad

seventeen hoshi
Seventeen's Hoshi Image Credit: Instagram/@ho5hi_kwon

Pre-soaked toner pads are all the rage, and recommendations from Korean celebrities are far too many. Boy group member Hoshi of Seventeen revealed his personal choice of toner pads, suggested by his make-up artist. The Lab's Green Flavonoid 2.5 Pad comes in handy when the skin is irritated and sensitive from the day's external stressors. These soothing pads use phyto-nutrients found in fruit and vegetables to quickly calm troubled areas. Leave them on for 20 minutes before bed and wake up with silky, smooth skin in the morning. Even reviewers with acne-prone skin leave five-star ratings.

6. Jaehyun, NCT: Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

nct jaehyun
NCT's Jaehyun Image Credit: Instagram/@_jeongjaehyun

Kiehl's iconic Calendula toner was spotted in the hands of NCT member Jaehyun during a live stream. The boy group member soaked a cotton pad with a few drops and swiped it across his face, most likely to reduce oiliness, redness and blemishes. Calendula extract is a wound-healing ingredient often used in traditional Chinese medicine. It's backed by another herbal star, the soothing allantoin, and great burdock root for moisturising dry skin without adding sebum. This alcohol-free toner goes on before your thicker serums and moisturisers. Some reviewers also notice a lightening of existing blemishes.

7. Irene, Red Velvet: Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

irene red velvet
Red Velvet's Irene Image Credit: Instagram/@renebaebae

Seal all your products with an ultra-hydrating mask, just as girl group member Red Velvet's Irene does. It's the key to waking up with a glowing face that's ready to soak up any cosmetics you'll be applying in the day. She does this with Clinique's Moisture Surge cream, which delivers 100 hours of hydration using an aloe bioferment and hyaluronic acid complex, activated aloe water, caffeine and an antioxidant blend of vitamins C and E. The oil-free gel cream wears flawlessly no matter the season, say reviewers, helping them with a hydrated make-up base in the morning.

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