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Use our list of storage solutions to free some space at home. Image Credit: Pexels/Ron Lach

It’s time to look around and leave behind what does not spark joy. Revisit all that you ended up hoarding this past year to declutter your mind for a fresh start ahead. But if you still find your year-end presents and shopping hauls sitting in their respective bags by the bed, then you’re in need of some storage solutions.

Baskets, bins and containers can do so much to streamline your cleaning chores. Our picks from Amazon tackle messy bedrooms, laundry and kitchens without compromising on the aesthetics. So wait no more! Ring in the New Year with all your belongings tucked away and out of sight.

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1. VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf

Maybe it’s time for a new showpiece rack? Snag this four-tier ladder shelf by Vasagle that adds a rustic touch to your interior décor. The wooden steps get wider from top to bottom, offering you plenty of options to get creative. At a height of 137cm, the shelf can hold your indoor potted plants, books, decoration pieces and sentimental items without a hitch. The tiers are supported by a black matte metal frame. Your order comes with a self-assembly kit.

2. Amazon Basics Fabric Storage Cubes Organiser with Handles, Gray (Pack of 6)

These grey storage cubes can slide right under the bedframe or into a wardrobe, undetected. Amazon Basics brings six fabric cubes in a set with handles and without lids. They’re meant to be portable drawers in closets that can fit anything, from fresh laundry to children’s toys for quick tidying.


3. U-HOOME Laundry Basket Trolley


Organise your clean and dirty laundry with U-HOOME’s three-in-one basket trolley. The plastic baskets can be detached and used separately so you don’t have to lug the sorter around. It lets your fabric breathe thanks to the porous design and is deep enough to fit folded towels and hair tools; the top-most surface is flat, where your detergent and shower essentials can rest. This order comes with assembly instructions.

4. Clarke's Decor Floating Shelves (Set of 3)

Another industrial piece of décor-slash-storage for your office space, kitchen or bedroom. Clarke’s Décor gives you three planks of wall shelves and an additional rod with hooks. The shelves scale in size so each is of a different width. Install it next to the sink to hang your utensils from or above the office desk for a mini book library. These are multipurpose, so there is no hard or fast rule to putting them to use.

Bonus: The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

5. YOMYM Shoe Rack Organiser (4 Tier)

This is the daily metal shoe rack you’ve been looking for. It is four tiers deep, in a rich brown colour and slim enough to fit into the entryway, closet, patio and anywhere else. This modest rack can hold at least nine pairs of shoes, and boasts five out of five ratings across the board.

6. Wild One Airtight Food Storage Containers

Dry food containers let you get rid of all the unnecessary packaging that comes with groceries. Wild One’s airtight storage set is all you will need to revamp the pantry – it includes two 2.8-litre tall containers, four each of large, medium and small containers, and 20 sticky labels with a marker. The set is suitable for storing flour, sugar, rice, nuts, cereal, beans and so much more.

7. Lynk Professional Spice Rack Tray

If you’re stuck cleaning your spice rack every other week, then you’re missing out on a simple hack. Get this cabinet organiser tray with levels that can fit 32 spice jars in neat rows. Lynk’s spice rack tray does not come with the jars, but we’ll get to that in a second. The heavy gauge steel will not stain nor splinter, making it your kitchen’s long-term investment.

8. O-Nine Glass Spice Jars with Shaker Lids

Order your spices in bulk to save time and space with O-Nine’s glass jars. In a set, you’re getting 24 120ml spice bottles, five pour sifts, five coarse sifts, 24 inclined shakers, 300 black labels, one marking pen, a silicone funnel and a cleaning brush. The bottles are dishwasher-safe, too. With our recommended spice tray, you are looking at a decluttered kitchen in 2022.

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