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Wi-Fi repeaters can give you an additional coverage of 20-plus devices without compromising on the speed or strength. Image Credit: Shutterstock

We all know the feeling of sticking out our phones in the air and waving it about, till it gives us an additional Wi-Fi bar. But the kicker is, your wireless router likely works perfectly fine – it just needs a boost for the hard-to-reach corners of the house. We bring you a list of the best Wi-Fi extenders on Amazon, so that you can stream, game, work and stay connected, even if you’re in the backyard. With a Prime subscription, your extender will be delivered to you the very next day. You can also get 10 per cent off on your first Amazon app order by using code MOB22.

1. Best Overall: D-Link Dap Wi Fi 6 Mesh Range Extender


  • Connects home security systems
  • Detects best location for you
  • Easy set up
  • Dual band speeds of up to 1.8 gbps


  • Might work best as a mesh system

Lightweight wall-mounted extenders are the best for first-time users. One is D-Link’s Dap X1870, which is designed to keep all your smart home devices connected. The extender makes sure the security cameras, system and doorbell are online. With total dual band speeds of up to 1,800 megabits per second, it guarantees compatibility with all Wi-Fi routers, but works especially well with next-gen Wi-Fi 6. A smart LED signal on the device tells you the ideal location for the best connectivity strength. All you have to do to set it up is press the WPS button on the range extender and the router or download the D-Link Wi-Fi app.

2. Best Budget: TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender


  • Value for money
  • Connects 32 devices
  • Easy wall-mount plug in


  • Speeds of only 750 mbps

TP-Link’s device offers a dual band connection of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for up to 32 devices in the house. To set up the extender, you need the Tether smartphone application to establish the connection with your router. Plug the TP-Link extender into a wall socket that is close enough to give you all the bars. You get an additional Wi-Fi coverage of 300 square metres, suitable for high-definition video streaming, online gaming and other bandwith-intensive tasks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh12 and two years for Dh19.

3. Best Mesh System: Google Nest Wifi Mesh System Router and Point


  • Minimalist design
  • Coverage of up to 408 square metres
  • Supplies Wi-Fi to 200 devices
  • Voice assist feature


  • Some found set up complicated

With Google’s Nest Wi-Fi, you get two units: one is a router and the other is an access point. For a blanket coverage of 408 square metres, plug the router to your internet provider’s modem, then set up the point where you’d like a stronger connection. The Nest Wi-Fi routers can handle up to 200 devices, letting you stream 4k videos easily and many report improved speed after the mesh instalment. What’s more, the point comes with built-in Google Assistant and speakers, so you can even command your point to play music from Spotify.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh61.58 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty for Dh46 and two years for Dh75.

4. Best for Spacious Homes: TP Link AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi Fi System


  • Supplies Wi-Fi to over 150 devices
  • Voice assist feature
  • Coverage of over 539 square metres
  • Backward compatibility


  • Expensive

How about investing in a three-point mesh system? This is a great option for those who live in spacious homes with up to six rooms. You get three compact extenders that can seamlessly connect over 150 devices, including smart home devices and cameras. In total, the home coverage system easily maps out 539 square metres. Though designed for Wi-Fi 6 generation, the extenders are backward compatible. For installation and out-of-home management, download the Deco app. You can even pair the devices with Amazon Alexa for easy voice commands.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh95.75 for 12 months with select banks. 

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh69 and two years for Dh113.

5. Best for Outdoors: MK63 Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System


  • Strong, steady coverage, even around high-powered devices
  • Powers through thick walls


  • Only connects 25 devices
  • Most expensive on the list

Another mesh system for you to consider. This one is by Netgear, bringing you three cubic range extenders in a set. Built for large home coverage, the devices cover 418 square metres together. It guarantees compatibility with any internet provider, so hook your router up with the tri-band without worry. Set the system up using the Nighthawk app on your phone. Contended reviewers swear by full signal bars all over the house, even the garden, where it can connect 25 devices.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent instalments and pay Dh98.54 for 12 months with select banks. 

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