Auto emoji
A bill could be passed in Vermont, US, to allow emojis on vehicle license plates. They're already permitted in the Australian state of Queensland. Image Credit: Supplied

Today, it seems you cannot have a text-based conversation on your smart phone without using at least one emoji. Created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita, they add personality to an exchange and have become a firm part of our lives now.

For the quick text generation, sometimes sending one tiny emoji is easier than typing up a proper response as everything which needs to be conveyed can be done with an expressive little yellow digital image. They say a thousand words and are present everywhere from smartphone operating systems to social media and apps - and soon they might even be on your vehicle’s license plates!

They’re already in use in the Australian state of Queensland which introduced these personalized license plates with the option of five emojis for car owners to select from 12 months ago. These included laugh out loud, winking face, sunglasses emoji, heart eyes, and the smiling face. Drivers are restricted to just one and it is a symbol purely for decorative purposes and has nothing to do with vehicle’s registration number.

Now, a piece of legislation introduced by Rep. Rebecca White, a Democrat from Windsor, Vermont, US, is proposing the same and if this bill is passed, Vermont will be the first state in the country to allow those happy yellow faces to be added to license plates.

As of now there are some rules for vanity plates in the state such as plates cannot start with the letter "Z," and dots, dashes or other special characters or symbols are not allowed – but that could be set to change soon.

Would you like to see emojis on license plates here in the UAE? Get in touch and let us know!

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