Auto Bugatti
Exciting! Bugatti is teasing us all with a forthcoming hypercar of some sort. Image Credit: Bugatti/Instagram

We are just a week into the new decade and Bugatti has already started the teasing – which we welcome of course!

It looks like the storied brand has a new hypercar of some sorts on the way in 2020 according to a dimly lit photo it shared on Instagram.

Or, it could be another variant of the Chiron - and there are already several of those. But, we could well be looking at something totally new. Now, that is exciting.

From the EB110-inspired Centodieci to the Divo and the La Voiture Noire there have been more than enough Chiron variants and therefore, Bugatti could be planning something fresh which we certainly hope is the case.

From this teaser image, it does appear that the hidden Bugatti is the Centodieci (the sloping nose leads us to think this way…) but why would Bugatti be teasing that all over again when it was already revealed last August at Pebble Beach? That doesn't really make much sense. 

Who knows. Just 10 of those are to be built and maybe hiding under the cover is a wilder version? Guess we’ll know soon enough but for now we can dream...

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