Watch: Merc gets a wash for the first time in 37 years!

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Watch: Merc gets a wash for the first time in 37 years!

After almost a month of lockdown, most of us have cars that are in desperate need for some TLC. If cleaning a car that has been left outside for weeks seems like a daunting task, watch this video of a Mercedes-Benz 280 SL getting a clean-up after being parked in a garage for 37 years! Yes, the owner of this car decided to leave his car in the garage back in 1982, and never opened it since.

The video shows Larry Kosilla of leading detailing firm AMMO NYC pulling it out of storage and trying to restore it. It’s fascinating to watch Larry and his colleague work for hours to clean the car of mold and rat droppings and restore the Merc to its former shiny self.

What’s priceless though is the expression on the 83-year old owner’s face when the car is revealed to him.

A must watch!


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