How did Fiat get Elvis Presley to promote its pickup truck?!

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How did Fiat get Elvis Presley to promote its pickup truck?!

The legend of Elvis Presley is one that transcends generations and still holds sway. So it’s only natural to see allusions to the King of Rock ’n’ Roll being brought in by advertising companies to generate interest. However, Fiat of Brazil has gone one step ahead and ‘resurrected’ the legendary performer for one of its recent campaigns. In fact, the video shows Elvis Presley driving a Strada compact pick-up truck, shuttling between recording studios, movie sets and concert venues.  

So how did they get the legend who died four decades ago to do all this now? It was a generous dose of CGI added to the performance of Dean Z, who is the winner of a global competition for Elvis impersonators.

Now those of us who have followed ‘The King’s’ taste in cars – the likes of Cadillac Fleetwood, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and BMW 507 – would find it revolting to see him jump into a compact pickup and drive a few impersonators around. But the Brazilian arm of the Italian conglomerate and its advertising agency seems to have thought that’s a brilliant idea. Well, we’re not being judgmental here, but leaving it to you to decide for yourself!

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