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Speak Your Mind: Workplace

Workplace is a complicated environment. Goals and ways of achieving them vary. How well do you cope with the changing work environment?

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We have opened a page for robust debate among you. This page does not have a political stand and should be read in that spirit. We do not seek either to offend or to appease. We strive to present all points of view but expressed in a civil manner. Speak up and be heard on the following:

FOCUS: Workplace

  • Empowerment in the workplace is a myth in the region.
  • People who avoid conflict are often dumped with the most work.
  • The louder and cruder you are the higher you rise.
  • Most people try to hide their uselessness by blaming ineffective managers or organisations. 

Send us your arguments at Please do send in your photographs if possible. The word limit is 150. We welcome all points of view, as long as they are within the bounds of civil discourse. We will edit for length and clarity, to accommodate as many voices as possible. You could also sound off below by clicking on the Post a Comment link.



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I do agree - If you are quite the seniors will surely dump all the work on you. Therefore, make sure you draw the boundaries from the begining else you will be taken for a ride. Whatever challenging assignments you complete remember to discuss these with your line manager. It is important you make time with your boss for an open chat. If you work silently without bringing up the difficult times you have had in achieving your goals - then I bet you are a looser. Last but least have a positive attitute towards your job and collegues.

Agnelo Rodrigues

29 July 2010 09:32jump to comments